New God of War: Ghost of Sparta Skins Exposed, Deimos for God of War III Unveiled

PSBlog: Spartan Army! November 2nd is only a few short days away, and we thought it was only fair that we give our Spartan Army a sneak peek at all the various skins you get to experience within Ghost of Sparta, and also a first gameplay glimpse of Deimos within God of War III.

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IMChampion2737d ago

Time for another play through!

Trebius2737d ago

I almost wish I had a PSP to get this costume ...

I wanna play as Deimos :(

VINNIEPAZ2737d ago

Funny I just got 2 new front floor standing speakers for my surround sound system and was play GoW 3 today to test them out.

zeddy2737d ago

no way they're related, that dude has way too much hair!

Bereaver2737d ago

All of you disagreeing.... can't you see it's a joke?

CobraKai2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

On this site, there is no such thing as a joke.

Gago2737d ago

they focus it on making it less of a button masher

IMChampion2737d ago

You think its a button masher but the 3 million people who bought it aren't complaining. And FYI, its not a button masher.

Js2Kings2737d ago

I see because simply changing the forumla of the series is just as simple as making a skin. I mean why else would you have to buy a game to do this.

DigitalAnalog2737d ago

Don't be a pussy and play it AT LEAST on Normal mode. Geez, sometimes I wish the games removed the Easy mode to weed out N00Bs like you.

-End statement

BkaY2737d ago

start playing it on hard... you will see how much button masher it is...

@ digitalAnalog

m8 you got that right.. games should get rid of casual or easy mode...

it should be normal, hard , hardcore etc...

i play some games which even have very easy difficulty ... they dont expect my grand ma to play it...LMAO


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TheLastGuardian2737d ago

I'm getting Ghost Of Sparta day 1. I will give GOWIII another playthrough if I get time.

IMChampion2737d ago

What are you talking about? It's a bonus you get when buying the game, how is it not worth it? You're actually getting more for the price.

gameraxis2736d ago

enough with the skins and side sh*te... i already platinumed and beat the game 6 times on every difficulty including chaos and messing around with the different "godly items" i.e. Hades helmet etc when i was done with chaos... start making DLC or at least 5 EPIC avatars to go next to my ps3 name... like mine here, without the R3 and L3 button prompts showing. Just so i can express the love i have for my favorite franchise to the 94 people on my friends list. I still don't get why we cant import, say an adobe image directly into the avatar selection... better than making a program where we can create our own, (but even that would be better than waiting for the kinda lame ones that come out each Tuesday.) Like some simple code that lets u go to the avatar title selection and one say's "import custom avatar" which then takes u directly to ur storage device and copies and pastes it in the kinda weak but growing selection below the tab....and u can work out how it works with the parental settings so 10 year olds aren't seeing boobies, or have stated that putting up inappropriate pics will cause a 10 day ban of using an avatar or something... But i understand nobody would buy any if that were available.. well sony, i love ur system and its given me numerous hours of fun BUT if ur gonna make people PAY to have an HD pic of their favorite WHATEVER, u best include at least 3 from every franchise and not 10 dumb uncharted ones and 5 uncharted cool ones.. u get every studio to make at least 3 as part of a mandatory thing.. its not like it takes any effort for an awesome epic avatar, like i said, mine here on N4G could be one... but every time i look at that ps2 model of kratos after playing gow3 i almost gag because it doesn't represent the series at all... once again you Sony chose to have people pay for new avatars, so START PUMPING THEM OUT LIKE CRAZY!!!!! NOW!!! lol, I'm not the type to hack or cheat or anything like that, but if there was one out there to import a custom avatar, that would be the one i go on board with... not to mention, remember those kind of profile windows that were on the ps blog or some website like a year ago showing some person's suggestion to what our gamer name and avatar and trophies, stats etc should look like if press x on it.. well that should bring u into a realm TOTALLY created and artifacted buy the user, his/her personality should shine through if he/she wants it to, the one there now is like half if not 1/4 of it should be... i bet ur saving all that stuff for the ps4, and that sucks (i'm talking like their hearing me lol) but wtf implement it in an upcoming update.... AHHHHH that part makes me so aggravated... there should be like a customizable xmb (that could maybe be a circle or something, including customization of every part of it, then in the settings a switch to go back to default...for the casuals. Either that or start going nuts with the avatars, and Dynamic themes, i mean damn, ITS KRATOS one of the pillars of ur system and we have little cute cats, and a black silhouette dunking a basket ball etc.... GET TO WORK AND GO NUTS WITH IT, or assign a small capable studio to just doing that kinda stuff so it comes out in a timely manner, its not like u don't have enough...

MasterGuru2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I bought my avatar! for 2 bucks. A Final Fantasy (Lightning) avatar. She's so hot I couldn't resist.

And I also bought my dynamic theme. Uncharted 2. Looks kinda gay though cos it doesn't have any variety to the background. Nathan just moves through the snow and nothing happens. Wasted a couple of bucks on that one.

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Raider692737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

He's a great looking bad ass Mother FU%KER!I wonder what weapon will he use in the game thats going to be made for him!

Rhezin2737d ago

starring Deimos! Make it happen people!

King-Leonidas2737d ago

im pretty sure that putting ´God of War´ as the title with Deimos staring in it wouldn´t make sense

NateNater2737d ago

Lol I just watched that a few hours ago. Captain Hindsight!

Figboy2737d ago

God of Hair.

i'd buy it.

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