Rumor: PSP2 is codenamed “Veta”

VG247 Writes: What do you want veta do about it? Not funny? Multiple sources have confirmed to VG247 that PSP2 is currently codenamed “Veta”.

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frankymv2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Wow, lots of PSP2 info incoming.....

sounds like its going to be a great device.

BornToKill2824d ago

i cant wait to see what it looks like.

frankymv2824d ago

yes. Me neither. From the sounds of it, Sony is finally being super aggressive with its product strategy. They know that the mobile space is absolutely the hottest tech sector hands down. They are also taking note that based on apple's iPad, tablet use will explode very soon. Its like they are creating a tablet on steroids and I can't wait for the reveal.

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King-Leonidas2824d ago

Γεια σας, ναι εγώ κάνω μιλούν ελληνικά.

jony_dols2824d ago

Google translate doesn't mean you speak Greek.

And if you are Greek, then screw you cuz I ain't paying for your mistakes in the EU budget.

rekof2824d ago

lol jony_dols ,.. you a funny guy,.. it is true,..

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BubbleSystemSuck2824d ago

PSPgo plan is not working... lets use the Plan Veta

IMChampion2824d ago

I miss the old days when we would get confirmed info in our mags or announcements at gameshows :(

Too much info passing through these days causing long periods of waiting and sad panda face when it don't come through.

ohdavey2824d ago

interesting ... i wonder how its going to look. and more UMDs

The_Devil_Hunter2824d ago

Yeah no more UMDs.
Hope it's mini blu-Ray or something...but no more UMDs.

Fishy Fingers2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Ha, I said "mini Blu-ray" in a thread earlier taking the p***. Unless they manage to shrink the player/reader considerably over the next year it aint going to happen.

AntsPai2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah that sounds impossible ¬_¬

That was back in 2006, think of how advanced or applicable they may be now

Fishy Fingers2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah made for a camcorder with disc writer, fancy putting on of them in your pocket?

They're were also unveiled in 2006 and have no applications yet, much like the 200GB disc etc. It'll more than likely use flash memory (as a source has already stated). Small, faster read speeds and much cheaper to support/use.

The PSP didnt use some small form DVD did it, even though they're possible in small sizes. Because the PS3 is BD doesnt mean the PSP2 will be BD.

AntsPai2824d ago

It's still an option, not arguing the point that it could use flash units (which would be better as they're smaller and faster) I just said that mini blu-ray discs exist. Also, the original PSP did use a type of mini DVD, just because it wasn't branded as a mini DVD doesn't mean it isn't a smaller version of a digital versatile disc. UMD was for all intents and purposes a mini DVD.

Fishy Fingers2824d ago

Yeah I suppose you could argue it's an option. But it's rather unrealistic, there are others which are cheaper, faster and can provide more than enough storage. Like Flash, which has already been stated in the first batch of leaks.

AntsPai2824d ago

I personally hope they use carts similar to the DS, they were convient to carry about and were so battery intensive like the UMD, I don't want an optical disk because that requires lasers to read and then the spinning of the disk and the slow reading times makes the battery dies fast.. With the alleged specs of the PSP2 I'm sure that they will go with a cartridge or flash card of some sort as that machine is going to drain the battery just by existing before it even tries to run any media

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The_Devil_Hunter2824d ago

As long as it isn't UMD. And something with much more space I'm fine.

metsgaming2824d ago

must add two analog sticks, 720P at least, possible 3d. NO TOUCH SCREEN !!! Better internet capabilities and a price of at most $275.

Fishy Fingers2824d ago

I dont get the "no touch screen" cries. Do you fancy navigating through the internet using a thumb stick?

Touch screen has plenty of applications, it doesnt have to be directly used in gaming. It's options.

silvacrest2824d ago

i think when people think touch screen they think iphone type games and are put off straight away

like fishy said, touch screen has plenty of uses besides shitty iphone games

blusoops2824d ago

Would u rather type out a website address on a touch screen?
Or use the dpad to select each individual letter at a time?

Navigating thru the home screen, playing media, etc all these things work better with touch screen.

King-Leonidas2824d ago

yeah... 720p on a handheld...

GoldPS32824d ago

It'll be more than $275 if it gets all those features you want.

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