Kinect featured on Ellen

Whether you're a gamer or not, anyone can play and have a blast! You’ve seen Ellen have fun with it on the show.

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tatotiburon2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

i loved the part when she said "we have an amazing dancer to show you how it work, please wealcome...ME!!"

this is all about, everybody can enjoy it, is easy, is simple and is FUN!!..

the people on the studio were crazy and if Oprah pushed the sales only by announced it imagine what ellen just did only by playing with it.

Dance central will sell like crazy...sorry singstar dancing.

EDIT: lol i love how the damage control rise much higher while the launch day is getting closer @Simon_Brezhnev nice try...let's see all the crying and hating, can't wait

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JokesOnYou2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

lmfao, she was really dancing to it like a pro. micro has no shame lol.

thrust2850d ago

the joke is going to be on you.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Like a pro? More like a ho. lol Yeah she's club rat.

Kinect... hey it's not my money so enjoy. :P

So will the xbox users upload some video gameplay of themselves and kinect? Need to see how this thing works in the real world.


-Alpha2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Ellen is pretty popular and well liked.

Kinect is going to be so big for such a different audience-- not necessarily the gaming audience, but it's definitely going to be for an audience that has huge selling potential.

You can hate how MS gimped the thing for gamers all you want. I'm totally on board with the criticism, but that's me coming from the perspective of a gamer. But it's going to be pretty hard to deny that this thing has so much attention outside of our community.

As gamers we see a totally different perspective, but this perspective isn't cared about by the Kinect audience and clearly not by MS either. That's what worries me most about Kinect.

Kinect isn't a core gaming device until the controller comes in. And MS, at the moment, doesn't care to do that. It's clear that the focus is on reaching out to these various audiences who may never buy a console like a 360 or PS3 before.

As for insulting these soccer moms, tweeners, etc, that's not my place. They are free to enjoy Kinect and I have nothing against how the product sells, but I worry about what will become of the Xbox brand.

darthv722850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

agreed. Oprah gave it away but didnt demo it. Ellen is funny and well liked and she showed that even she could have fun playing video games.

Conan is coming back to late night. If MS (or sony) were smart, take the product there and demo it as well. He has many loyal fans and fans just waiting for him to make his return to tv.

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seinfan2850d ago

Max Speed has prophetic powers! lol

MaxXAttaxX2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

*Sigh* 360 fanboys will defend anything Xbox/M$ related. Most of you are not even going to buy Kinect, lol.

Thanks for the laughs.

SmokexFFx2850d ago

You already said that a few comments up.

MaxXAttaxX2850d ago

The comments above disappeared. So I had to re-reply to the same guy. No crime committed here.

RageAgainstTheMShine2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

exactly! Nate

Now M$ hired a qualified high caliber performer now compared to E3 2010!

they won't even bother getting it bcoz they know its M$hafting them again ha ha ha.

These 360 fanboys enjoy trolling more than gaming or appreciating them.

But I sure want them to spend their hard earned cash on Kinect and teach themselves a lesson on being a M$ brand fanboy and hate them selves in front of their TV set every night.

Living in hate of a piece of plastic and semiconductors like a PS3 console is a very lonely and sad disposition.

we rather enjoy our games and playmates instead on being a hating troll with no life.

The Maxx2850d ago

*Sigh*And Ps3/Sony fanboys will always attack anything MS/Kinect related, even if they are not going to buy Kinect. lol

Thank YOU for the laughs.

darthv722850d ago

ha that is funny. It could be twisted around like this just for you:

"These PS3 fanboys enjoy trolling more than gaming or appreciating them.

But I sure want them to spend their hard earned cash on Move and teach themselves a lesson on being a P$ brand fanboy and hate them selves in front of their TV set every night.

Living in hate of a piece of plastic and semiconductors like a 360 console is a very lonely and sad disposition."

Looks like someone needs to just let it go. insecurity is the new drug.

gcolley2850d ago

you guys lost or somethin, this is a 360 article

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zeddy2850d ago

i really want kinect to fail but i have an ugly feeling its going to do well.

8-bit2850d ago

Same here. I hate everything about Kinect because I am a GAMER. It is WAY too casual and lack of input, feedback and control is enough to make me ill. This thing will be huge and it will be a passing fad. I have to just ignore it and ignore all the box fans that will scream about the sales from the rooftops.

gcolley2850d ago

i would actually like it to succeed and live along side normal gaming on the 360. this will ensure MS release further consoles and continue to fully support the xbox. only nintendo console is safe these days. without a new disc format to promote, the playstation 4 will be less important to sony. without some good cash coming in the 360 isn't safe.

darx2850d ago

I hate the fact that video games became main stream.

ElementX2850d ago

They have to be mainstream for developers to sell enough copies to make up for the $25 million budgets.

WLPowell2850d ago

units sold take care of a 25 million dollar budget...

ElementX2850d ago

Not necessarily, because most of the money from game sales goes to the publisher.

SephireX2850d ago

I own a 360 and I won't be buying it. Can somebody explain what is so great about it please? You can't even move the player forward in a game, only control the camera. Everyone to their own I guess but don't be surprised when this gets horrible reviews.

TechnicalBS2850d ago

Would you be surprised if it got great reviews? It can go either way.

SephireX2850d ago

Yes indeed. Some things different ways. USA could possibly beat New Zealand in a game of rugby but they very very very likely would be raped. You see where I'm going here? Good. Now run along.

lowcarb2850d ago

This looks much more fun than just moving your wrist around. Not only is it engaging but the fact i no longer need to look for my remote or get up and turn it on are big reliefs. Does anybody here old enough(definitely not Sony guys)remember the Cosby show episode were he couldn't find the remote? Anyways Kinect would have been dream back then.

Imperator2850d ago

But you still gotta get up and dance like a fool. And you can't play Kinect sitting down, so what exactly is your point man? Are you seriously gonna pay $150 for casual games when you could use that money to buy any of the many games coming out or even buying a PS3 and getting all the great games coming out in 2011 along with the dozens of great exclusives it already has.

moho-foe2850d ago

Kinect on Opera and Ellen MS just wants soccer moms to buy this for their squeakers. I thought this was for the core.

You can enjoy rafting, I will be playing Kill Zone 3 with Move.

hoops2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Kinect was never focused on core. MS did not hide this fact. Kinect was to take away the last remaining market-share this generation has left. That's the Wii market-share. And if anyone thinks this won't happen with Kinect. You're kidding yourself.
Sony is also going after the Wii market-share with MOVE. Look at the dedicated MOVE games. Almost all of them casual games. Wii like games.
Sony and MS know in order to sell more consoles, they have to take Wii market-share. Simply math. There is only so much of the pie out there.
That's why Sony and MS are doing motion control gaming....something Sony and MS said were gimmicks and would never do themselves as it was not real gaming. Gee. how things change when money is involved

Blaze9292850d ago

you nailed it. I don't know why people hate on kinect so much. OH TEH LAGZ! stfu - lag didn't make that dance just now any less enjoyable for Ellen or the audience watching.

That's all Kinect is about, the ease of jumping in and having fun and that's why it will succeed.

Can't wait for Kinect personally. Pre order is paid off with a copy Dance Central as well. That was actually a great video.

The Maxx2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I agree with you Blaze929.

air12850d ago

omg! he got deleted! never thought i would see that..

DigitalAnalog2850d ago

I'm now convinced that this would sell A LOT.

-End statement

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Omega42850d ago

Wow flawless on Dance Central, puts those guys on Gamespot to shame lol.

I don't know who she is but if MS got her to do this and if shes anything like Oprah its obviously going to help Kinect.

Simon_Brezhnev2850d ago

since you rep Kinect so much i want you to get this game and put a video on youtube of how u doing.

Shaka2K62850d ago

I have seen this before back in 2005 it was called the Eyetoy for PS2, even the graphics look the same.

this is nothing new.

SmokexFFx2850d ago

Did you think of that yourself?

SephireX2850d ago

Did you think of "Did you think of that yourself" yourself? I thought so.

SmokexFFx2850d ago

Yes I did. Where is my medal?

-Alpha2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

How do you not know Ellen?

hoops2850d ago

Ellen is almost as big as Oprah. Kinect being on both shows will most likely make this thing sell through the roof come this holiday season

commodore642850d ago

@ Omega

Ellen Degeneres is a talkshow host. Very popular.
She is also a lesbian.

Oprah will get the moms.
Ellen will get the lesbians
Bieber will get the teen girls.

You can say what you like about Kinect, but MS KNOWS marketing, that's for sure!

The Maxx2850d ago

Don't forget Ryan Seacrest.

He will bring in the Teens.

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rroded2850d ago Show
Omega Zues2850d ago

Are we really talking about this? this really happening?!

"Dance central will sell like crazy...sorry singstar dancing."

I dont want to live any more. Put me down.

gcolley2850d ago

thats how i feel about reality TV

plb2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Soooooo let me see if this sounds about right....

Bieber - Tween girl audience
Oprah - Bored house wives and soccer moms
Ellen - Gay/Lesbian community

XBL should be an awesome place! /s MS just needs to go after the senior citizen community now. Now get off my lawn and give me my disagrees.

seinfan2850d ago

Looks like you're belittling the homosexuals. Perhaps this will get you to the coveted 1 bubble?

plb2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Er no. I have no problem with gay/lesbians/bi whatever. Could care less about anyones sexual preference. Just saying that is the audience MS is going after by taking it to Ellen. If you don't see that well then don't know what to say.

SephireX2850d ago

I'm sure most of Ellen's audience are not homosexuals. They're transsexuals!

seinfan2850d ago

I wonder what the "/s" means after saying "XBL should be an awesome place!". New interwebs jargon? I thought it meant you were being sarcastic. Please, explain yourself.

gcolley2850d ago

thank nintendo for this. like the move is aimed at the hardcore. don't make me laugh. all 3 companies are going after the casual dollar as they see a huge potential to grow the industry and make more money. if you want society to accept gaming, this will do it.

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