PSN!: Criterion discards Black 2 and the FPS genre

Criterion Games confirms to PSN! that they do not have plans for a sequel of the acclaimed Black. In addition to this, the studio discards further adventures in the FPS genre.

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NYC_Gamer2818d ago

good because its already too many fps titles

ico922818d ago

Black is a ps2 shooter Thats still impressive to this day, mainly due to the shooting mechanic, it would have been interesting to see what criterion could do with today's current consoles , but FPS genres is kinda over saturated these days

Hidalgo2818d ago

I agree with NYC_Gamer. They better put their efforts in something else.

Godmars2902818d ago

What, like more driving games or - far better - a Fallout/Oblivion type RPG?

Hidalgo2818d ago

Anything they choose will be fine. They deserve credit for all the good work done in all these years :).

calitax2818d ago

Please, announce the new SSX

We know you are working on it, guys!!!

alojuanjo2818d ago


I don't want more FPS!

ilikestuff2818d ago

id like to make a braveheart type of game but instead of people fing wuth swords and arrows, id like them to be dinosaurs or maybe birds. just an idea, mix it up ya know?

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The story is too old to be commented.