Xbox 360 Kinect Bundles to Steal Sales from Wii, says Pachter

While Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter is bullish overall on Nintendo's holiday prospects, telling IndustryGamers earlier in the week that Wii would be the best selling console this holiday, that doesn't mean that Nintendo will hold on to all its share of the market. Weighing in on the company, following the disappointing fiscal results, Pachter noted that Microsoft is likely to take away some Wii sales with its Xbox 360 and Kinect hardware.

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ryuzu2853d ago

Of course, Old folks and babies gotta game too.


iMad2853d ago

Funny but MS did't show their main aces yet..sales will skyrocket for 360 soon i guess.

Shaka2K62853d ago Show
Longrod_Von_Hugendon2853d ago

Oh look he just pushed out another one.

thrust2853d ago

yep, it will start to catch the wii up and leave behind the ps3. no question about it.

disagree all you want it will happen, starting next week.

protekjv2853d ago

you heard him ; "disagree".....*clic k....

bustamove2853d ago

Only in your world it will. The Wii and the PS3 can't be easily defeated like that so keep playing the sales instead of being concerned about games.

k-Lan2853d ago

The question is what world do you live in? Not the real world, that's for sure! The PS3 will never catch the 360 or the Wii. For the 360, it's all about competition with the Wii now, since the PS3 seems to have locked down the third and last place.

GoldPS32853d ago

No becuz it will not get support from Japan.

STiRacer2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

So, Europe and North America won't count because of Japan. Dude, your fanboy trollin is pathetic.

GoldPS32853d ago

Japan do not support 360. How is that trolling? I'm stating a fact. I'm replying to what thrust said. 360 sale great every where else but not in Japan and it will not beat Wii and PS3 is Japan.

I don't think you people really know what 'trolling' really means.

STiRacer2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Im sorry I did not realize you were Japanese and did not know that idiot Thrust was specifically talking about Japan. Don't know how I could miss the word Japan in Thrusts comment.

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mijkil2853d ago


Like everyone else, Im getting seriously hyped for Kinnect with all the amazingly positive press, surrounding its imminent arrival.

I think the first thing im gonna do is play some kinect sports with my family, and then when my friends come round we'll be having a hell of a party with Dance Central, and later when im tired out from all the fun, ill relax and watch a movie with the innovative new control scheme.

I cant wait to hear everyone else plans for their first day with kinect, so keep em coming.

STiRacer2853d ago

I dont know if your joking or being sarcastic. But that shit is funny as hell.

DuneBuggy2853d ago

Doesnt the 3DS come out early next year? They should have tried to have it ready for the Xmas season. Both Sony and MS are happy Nintendo didnt though!

Seferoth752853d ago

Nintendo will still win this holiday by a large margin.

The only thing they are doing is making sure they have enough units to cover demand. I am sure the Wii launch taught them to be more prepared what with all those lost sales to being sold out and the outcry of fake shortages from some gamers

DuneBuggy2853d ago

Ehh.I disagree with the Wii will win by "large margins" part for the holidays.
Its been trending down for several months,no price cuts are on the horizon, and MS and Sony are likely to have at least SOME impact with their motion systems.
But we will see right?

Seferoth752853d ago

Kinect because twirling your arms around just wasnt gay enough

ico922853d ago

you are wrong just look at this video

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