Pachter: "Wii to win Q4 2010, Kinect to be a success, Black Ops won't outsell MW2"

The Wii will be the best-selling games console this Christmas, according to Michael Pachter. The Wedbush Morgan analyst believes that the Wii is more of a ‘holiday purchase’ and will outsell its competitors this holiday.In the same interview Pachter concluded that Black Ops won't sell as well as Modern Warfare 2 and that he believes that Kinect will be succesful.

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Prcko2819d ago

He said everything correct,but on opposite side!

ryuzu2819d ago

You mean he's talking out of his ass?


Longrod_Von_Hugendon2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

How does he do it? I mean he just pulls these facts right out of his ass with the greatest of ease.

He looks constipated and like he's pushing one out in the image above.

Perjoss2819d ago

micheal patcher = captain obvious

blitz06232819d ago

Ah so that means Wii won't win Q4, Kinect won't be a success and BO will outsell MW2

blitz06232819d ago

Ah so I guess that means Wii won't win Q4, Kinect won't be a success and BO will outsell MW2

wsoutlaw872819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

he just says the safest things. wow wii might win a holiday season imagine that. wow the highest selling game of all time (that some are still playing happily) wont be past by the same game. hes not really going out on a limb here.

BattleAxe2819d ago

Black Ops will sell more than MW2, mostly because of the zombie mode.

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BubbleSystemSuck2819d ago

"Wii to win Q4 2010, Kinect to be a success, Black Ops won't outsell MW2, I must STFU"

Christopher2819d ago

Aren't the pre-orders for Black Ops already outpacing that of MW2?

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HuGi2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

i think Ps3 or 360 will take Q4 , Kinect will be HUGE and Black Ops will be the best selling game this year but wont outsell Mw2..

chazjamie2819d ago

jip. once you experienced the joys of one man army, commando and danger close why would you settle for anything less? why would I buy a game that has removed features that made me interested in the game, even to a point that i would buy the next cod. certainly not happening now.

the wii has always been a christmas favourite (no matter how weak the games are, it sells). I wouldnt spout such nonsense if i didnt experience it myself. retail is not worth any game, rather commit suicide then get a vac job. never again. (8 months of working reail...)

from what i read, and from what i see Kinetic is everywhere. its bound to sell lots.

bustamove2819d ago

Only in your world it'll happen.

Bigpappy2819d ago

Most people who wanted a wii have one. Kinect will steal a lot of attention from would be buyers. Wii will still see to some moms who wanted to get little Billy one but put it off till the holidays, and others who are on a buget or only buy Nintendo. In fact, I think Wii might not make it out of 3rd this quarter. There is no must have game that I know of.

Keith Olbermann2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Kinect will steal a lot of attention from would be buyers." Im still not convinced casuals will be running to the store to get Kinect. The Wii is still the video game machine they will bust out when playing with their little kids or family members. They wont buy an entire system and a seperate piece of hardware to bounce balls around and ride on a river. Also..I can say the same for Move and casuals but move has stuff I like as a gamer.

Neurotoxin2819d ago

I wish i got paid for talking absolute bullshite all day long. This guy is getting more irratating than Jack Thompson. Pachter, get a real job!! Your job role is talking what is typed by thousands of people in forums. Even that German octopuss was more accurate than you.

Lazy_Gamer2819d ago

I need to work as an analyst too! lZ: Water is wet, ice is cold, and patcher is an idiot.

2819d ago
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