So... why make new games?

GGTL: "A few days ago, I was playing Mafia II on my PS3. Cruisin' the streets of Empire Bay in my yellow convertible, swinging round tiled bends at 80 miles-per-hour - the usual. Then my brother walked past, and he said something quite odd."

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Nate-Dog2766d ago

Nice article. I think personally a lot of what you mentioned comes down to the whole "new IPs or sequels?" question or idea. Very rarely a brand new IP is going to end up a blockbuster release, along the lines of GTAIV or Modern Warfare 2, because people feel they want to experience first what exactly a game is going to be about. Like you also said, it can be about people being in a comfort zone. They don't want something to be so completely new and different because they know what they like and what they want.

I myself like the more easy to play or arguably casual games like footballing sims or CoD every now and again, I mean I don't always have the time or the effort for delving into a 40 hour epic like Final Fantasy or an incredibly wide and vast experience like a Fallout game or any other similar RPG. But I do like diversity in games and in gaming more than anything and so I think it's that sort of thinking which separates people that game quite often, and those that just want to game every now and again for a bit of fun. And maybe that's why those games sell better, because you cater to the people that want to game just for fun, and also to those that want a bit of both sides.

lastdual2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I did enjoy the read, but I think it treats the subject of having a new world to explore too lightly. Frankly, having a virtual space that's actually worth exploring is reason enough for me to enjoy a game (provided the rest isn't broken).

The fact is, even if there was a "perfect" gameplay experience offered by a title, sooner or later you would tire of the scenery and crave a new place to explore. At least I know I would.

You can argue the differences between games like GTA4 and Mafia 2 all day, but it strikes me as wrongheaded to write off a game just because it's similar, but in a different time and place. Even if that really was the *only* change, sometimes that change makes all the difference.

Al Bundy2766d ago

Who wouldn't want new games?

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Bass_fisherman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Well its pretty easy what to say when a game as exacly the same concept of another.
All sandbox games like GTA follow always the same routine (getting started > kill some people > chase that guy > run away from the cops > start your empire > settle the score with a guy > end of main storyline > exploration around the city/region > wait for DLC (lol jk)) and that gets tiresome even if games like red dead redemption and mafia 2 that have diferent settings from the usual still gets the same overrall experience (it felts you played that before without even knowing it) still doesnt stop a guy to enjoy the game but when he gets another one that is pretty much the same before its not very exciting.

I praise for new games that really bring "new" gameplay and overrall experience like Zelda OOT did back in the day.

DevilsJoker2766d ago

I agree completely with the writer, if everyone tried to innovate too much theres no foundations, everyone would be completely lost with each game coming out and quality would probably take a nosedive from medicore to awfull of your average game.

As he said, Let the innovators innovate.

soundslike2766d ago

Brings up some good discussion. I had a similar realization recently: Why should a developer try to innovate on their IP's sequel when they have yet to refine it to its full potential?
So many games get rushed out the door that by the time the company has enough money to actually make a GOOD version of the game, they try too hard to add new gimmicks or do their best to steal another games thunder.
On the flip side, a series has many quick installments but all very good, yet when the opportunity comes along to REALLY refine it to perfection they jump ship to a new gameplay style or tone.
-Splinter Cell: Conviction
-Mass Effect 2
-MW 2

What do these games have in common? They may be great games and all have wonderful reviews but deep down we all know that they are missing something that made their predecessors so great.
I wouldn't be surprised in the least that if the next Hitman installment was a run and gun with bullet time, or something equally antithetical, the press will be wowed but the developers attempt to make their game relevant will have been at the cost of the core gameplay it invented and failed to bring to the next level.

Bass_fisherman2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

thats a pretty good point cause still most core gamers have still high hopes for the upcoming game of the franchise but if they try to change it gameplay wise ppl will be pissed off probably but if it does inovate without hurting the fanbase we have a winner in our hands.

The upcoming Driver:San Francisco seems a pretty good example how it can hurt the fanbase by changing the gameplay (even if it´s just a little) but lets hope it will turn out a decent game at most.

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