Are You Ready to Be the Controller?

The era of controller-less gaming is about to begin, that is if Microsoft's Kinect "sensor" for the Xbox 360 takes off as planned. And it will.

Game Revolution gives their opinion on why Kinect will be a hit this holiday season, despite remaining relatively unappealing to "core" gamers.

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doctorstrange2823d ago

Even some of the SixAxis games tire me out

Sev2823d ago

Haha! That's awesome. Hell, even NES games would tire me out. Gamers are too lazy for this.

I just don't want to have to jog in place just to have my character move. Nor do I want to actually jump to jump.

Regardless, I've pre-ordered one. I wont open it right away though, if it takes off like I know it will. It's going on Ebay. If it isn't selling like hotcakes, looks like I have a Kinect for my Xbox 360.

Chris3992823d ago

I think it's even more ridiculous as the Wii, which as least had the benefit of being "innovative" (despite what motion technologies pre-dated the Wii, it was the first to really push motion for the mainstream - it wasn't an accessory, it was part of the experience from the get-go). That said, it will probably sell regardless, for several reasons. Let's examine those reasons (as I see them):

- Our TV Lord and Saviour Oprah has endorsed it, as well as other celebrities. People trust celebrities and mistakenly believe that they are smarter or more genuine than real people (which is contrary reasoning at best).
- It's launching around Christmas. North Americans are rabid consumer spenders. Nuff said.
- People buy what the media and marketing dollars tell them too. Marketing + hype > sense.

The quality of the device or it's software are largely irrelevant to the buying process. Most consumers are utterly unaware of the microscope that technology hobbyists have subjected the device to. They do not know what "response time" or "lag" is, they simply want to hit red balls, dance and do fitness games.

So personally, I won't be buying Kinect, but millions of people probably will. It will probably sell rather well. And honestly, I hope it does, so that the core supporters of MS get a taste of MS' supercillious behavior when they chase this new market at the expense of their initial audience. Here's your yearly Halo, Gears or FPS multiplat. Now F off while we get Jenny and her mom playing some MS Cooking mama.

Anyoo, all this bickering and bs between people who are supposed to be fans of gaming has actually driven me off this site and consoles lately and back to MMOs. I'm sick of the micro-transactions, on disc DLC and the way that the media and the conglomerates play off people's affections simply to generate more revenue.

So if person X get's Kinect this Christmas and you think it's a rancid turd of a device, who cares? A call for peace!

Taggart4512823d ago

The Hype alone will sell it. I mean, I went to one of the Macy's stores that was Demoing Kinect and some lady was telling me all about it. I didn't say anything but I was thinking, "Lady, I know 10 times more than you about gaming. Don't talk to me about this."

I just don't like how you have to get used to the delay. You have to PLAN on jumping early to jump at the right time on screen. Sigh...

Trexman892823d ago

the software sales will be horrible though. People will go out and buy it, play it a few times, and then never touch it again

Taggart4512823d ago

Or just say "Xbox: Self-Destruct"

T3mpr1x2822d ago

That's true, it may end up like the Wii - lots of people buy it but don't purchase any "games" beyond the tech demos that come bundled with it.

number472822d ago

Well, its not like you could ever say "the game & technology alone will sell it." All it has is $hype$ & "possibilities" --

hoops2822d ago

"The Hype alone will sell it. I mean, I went to one of the Macy's stores that was Demoing Kinect and some lady was telling me all about it. I didn't say anything but I was thinking, "Lady, I know 10 times more than you about gaming. Don't talk to me about this."

And that's exactly what MS wants with Kinect. The fact that some lady is talking about it and its not out and you know more about gaming then her proves MS marketing is working.
Kinect was never targeted for the core gamers. The fact a non gamer approached a core gamer telling you about it proves that Kinect will sell to the Wii crowd.
And this will piss off N4G.COM posters to the max

ftwrthtx2823d ago

Oh wait......didn't that come out a long time ago?

The kinect sounds just like the Eyetoy and the games it had. Antigrav was fun, but the limitations created problems. It was hard to play in the middle of the day unless you were in a blacked out room.

I expect the Kinect to go the way of the Wii, with tons of shovelware and no real quality apps to give it longevity.

JonnyBigBoss2823d ago

Interesting article. It might be a hit but not in a good way. I see nothing good about it for those who enjoy video games. It's more like a new Justin Beiber album coming out than a new way for Xbox 360 owners to enjoy gaming. Move already works with Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain, while Kinect only has balls and kicks. Prove me wrong.

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