Will Xbox Fall Update Squash Piracy for good on the 360?

Xbox 360 gamers are expecting their annual fall update any day now. With it some features that incorporate with the motion controller Kinect, but deep in the code of the new dashboard pirates are finding that their pirated games are not working on the system. On October 26th Microsoft released an update to beta users of the dashboard, update 12606. Complaints about not being able to run ripped copies of Fable III started to surface shortly thereafter. If this is some sort of new protection that will be enforced with the latest dashboard or if this was a one time occurrence is still up for debate.

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PRHB HYBRiiD2699d ago

yes they will always find another way to do it again

SixZeroFour2699d ago

it will only stall piracy from happening again

sdtarm2699d ago


MisterNiwa2699d ago

A buddy of mine had this problem with Fable 3, then he installed the Beta Dashboard pre-release and then it worked, lol.

This is rather a Piracy Supporting Update.

avengers19782699d ago

NO hackers and pirates always find away around security. That's what you know makes them hackers.

STiRacer2699d ago

Just like the issue with Mac/PC, hackers and pirates will always attack where there is more user install base(hackers) and the more potential customers(pirates). So, the answer is NO WAY!!!

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Capdastaro2699d ago

No... Because you need to update first.

If you've got a JTAG (and plenty of people do) there is no need to update since you can still access XBL when you please.

rodeoo2699d ago

YOU ARE WRONG. Jtag console can not log onto live because they are detectable. Only firmware flashed(DVD drive) can log onto live without a insta ban(you will probaly get caught eventualy though, mine has been flashed for a year). Jtag consoles are very rare because you nead to have the dash 2.0.7371.0 or earlier other wise YOU CAN NOT JTAG. That dash is around 2 years old, so good luck finding a xbox with it. on another not if you do connect your jtag console to live and update your jtag is then ruined and you are unable to re jtag unless you have some kinda nand right protection(i think), but chances are it is ruined. Now please refrain from trying to talk about the tech side of hacking until you actually know something

math2699d ago

This is wishful thinking

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