Mass Effect: Downloadable content

In an interview with Bioware about Mass Effect, they made clear that the game will get downloadable content just after its release. One can think of new planets to explore/new submissions, new weapons and new possibilities to change your character.

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alexander22rednaxela4073d ago

Well, releasing downloadable content just after it`s release sounds pointless if it`s true that this game is gigantic. On the other hand this might show a glimps of the fututre, because if developers see that if they limit their games to DVD they can actually release downlodable content right after it`s release. It does give them the aility to earn more money thru downloadable content on Xbox live,
than they would if they where to release it on Blu-ray. :o

SuperSaiyan44073d ago

With the games visuals, the amount of gaming content and its game time being around 50hrs its all on...Wait for it...


WOW looks like its only possible on DVD because if it was on blu-ray we would have to wait another 2yrs for the game so the developers could throw in 10gb worth of audio and who knows what other nonsense.

ShiftyLookingCow4073d ago

we know from last year there was certainly going to be downloadable, I just hope they are all big and not lame like horse armor in Oblivion(an equivalent would be "sexy sexy dress" for Ashley)

M1am1U4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

at a very reasonable price, just to add a thought to your point, DarthBillBoy. I agree...hopefully it will be worthwhile content. We'll find out relatively soon.


*Just because a developer announces DLC it does not mean they will automatically charge for it. =)

*Besides, DLC adds to the game, & *IF* there is a charge, best of all, it's OPTIONAL, unlike BLURAY !

*50+ hours of gameplay on 1 dvd9 with the incredible graphics this game has demonstrated shows that Bluray isn't needed ! Bioshock, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Halo 3, COD4, Assassian's Creed = all on one dvd9 ! ALL of the 2007 E3 award winners were either M$ dvd9 exclusives or third party titles appearing on dvd9 - *NO* awards given for any BLURAY exclusives ! Thanks but no thanks alexander22rednaxela !

*Personally, I'll take all the DLC goodness Bioware puts out for this game because it is gonna ROCK !!!

BLACKJACK VII4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

Case in point:

All Xbox 360 owners hould take a look at this video to see what to TRULY expect from Mass Effect. If you download the HQ vid from the source, you will be blown away.


spasticjustice4073d ago

You definitely don't sound like a fanboy at all...

BLACKJACK VII4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

That's too bad, because I definately am ! Just rapped up Bioshock, almost finished all my achievements for Madden 2008, can't wait for Halo 3's 4 player co-op with my friends on XBL next month, and Mass Effect will be my personal favorite game this year ! Can't wait for November !!!

ktchong4073d ago

"Optional" downloadable contents to be available *for sale* immediately at launch. Hm, I don't like the sound of it, at all. Why should customers have to pay the "extras" as downloable contents that are already made available on the launch date?

BLACKJACK VII4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

"In an interview with Bioware about Mass Effect, they made clear that the game will get downloadable content just after its release."

Where does it say it's for sale ?????

Although I agree it is very possible, but it doesn't verify it either. Either way, Mass Effect is gonna ROCK !!!


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