Insomniac Details Resistance 3 Co-op‎

Insomniac has discussed the reasons for reintroducing campaign co-op to the Resistance franchise

Resistance 3's campaign will feature a two-player co-operative campaign playable in split-screen or online.

"We had a very vocal group speak up when we didn’t have campaign co-op in Resistance 2, and there is something very special and unique about playing back-to-back with your buddy through the campaign," lead designer Drew Murray said.

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Blaster_Master2853d ago

Its about time. We need more ps3 exclusives with campaign co-op.

pangitkqb2853d ago

I'm thrilled. Resistance 3 will be epic.

One of my favorite series. Period.

DERKADER2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Great news. That's why I like playing games like Gears/Halo/L4D, it's funnerer to go through the campaigns with your friends instead of just telling each other about it.

There is that better.

Max Power2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

funner? Didn't that look weird as you were writing it?

Sevir042853d ago

in anycase Its great coop campaign is returning but id love an evolution to R2's 8-player coop mode as well. it would be a nice edition and something i'm sure they could add to Resistance 3 Post launch as DLC! and certainly that would be well worth the charge of it
we should hit up there forums asking for DLC thats actually worth it!

Coffin872853d ago

thank you!!!
I bought R2 because I expected an awesome campaign like in R1, and was very badly disappointed. What a piece of shame. The splitscreen modes in R2 suck mokey balls.

Thank you very much Insomniac, I will now seriously consider buying it.

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FACTUAL evidence2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

You don't even need to explain why you added this in R3. You can explain why you left this out from R2 though. Besides that, I'm so happy this is back! Now co-op campaign is deciding my day 1 purchase of KZ3. So happy, R3 is going to be a blast!

EDIT: I'm tired of hearing people say that the 8 player co-op had no reason. I think R3 should of kept it. It would be a nice addition. Plus the 8 player co-op DID have a story if you bothered to read the intel and loading screens. Taking it, very few people bothered to read it..figures.

Bleucrunch2853d ago

I am fully confident in Insomniacs abilities and know that Resistance 3 will deliver the goods. Can't wait for this game.

saint_john_paul_ii2853d ago

and how much you want to bet that insomniac will also implement dual PSN logins as well to prove Treyarch wrong with their crap?

Heres hoping for the best for Insomniac and come out with a game capable of being shooter of the year 2011.

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Gue12853d ago

but but but I loved Resistance 2 8 players co-op more than crappy 2 players campaign co-op! noooooooo

Stupid fans made Insomniac remove something so awesome. The 8p co-op felt so unique and now we are stuck with the usual online multiplayer modes that every FPS on the market has and boring 2p campaign co-op. Jesus... =(

AssassinHD2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I would rather have campaign co-op actually. I mean I enjoyed the co-op in Resistance 2, and I enjoyed the Special Ops in Modern Warfare 2 (my favorite mode actually), but I enjoyed the campaign co-op in games like Resident Evil 5, Resistance: Fall of Man (offline only unfortunately), Borderlands, Mercenaries 2, and Demon's Souls even more.

BiggCMan2853d ago

i agree with Gue1 to a point. the 8 player online co-op was one of the most fun things ive ever experienced in any online shooter. removing it was definitely a mistake, because i know im not the only one that loved it. BUT, split screen single player is still very welcome and is in no way boring.

Mario182853d ago

It was fun and all however it took away the story to the game. All they did with the 8 player co-op is throw waves of enemies at you.

Cenobia2853d ago

But how many times do you really want to hear the story?

I would prefer the 8 player co-op as it tended to be a little more random. You never knew what those 7 people were going to do. I think that replaying the campaign over and over is going to get a bit boring rather quickly. I like that its there so I can play with some friends locally, but as an online experience I don't think I'd use it that much.

Also, this may just be me, but I would prefer playing online with 8 strangers vs 1 stranger. That way when I die at inopportune moments I can pretend like it wasn't totally my fault. lol

Still buying the game without a doubt in my mind though.

bananlol2853d ago

Used to play alot of coop after the launch of r2, i was really surprised when one day all of a sudden the stalkers started to move!

BloodyNapkin2853d ago

Actually i loved Resistance 2, but i did not care for the 8 player Co-op all that much. It was throw waves of enemies at you then fight a big boss at the end and stand shooting him for 5 mins. If they would have made it with a little more variety and wouldn't have made it seem like they just threw it in there, it could have been really great.

himdeel2853d ago

...freely it would make playing a pick up game frustrating as hell. Especially when you got people not really understanding their jobs role within a match. Imagine the Giant Chimera on two legs that spits that wall fungus thing running around a level...O_O; that would be too much to handle.

ico922853d ago

reading the article it says nothing about removing the 8 player co op,

Calvin_ISA2853d ago

One can only hope they didn't. I love the 8 player co-op.

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ForzaGT2853d ago

loved the offline coop in R1 but was gutted when I found there wasn't any in R3

offline split screen campaign are a rarity these days

ajeben8092853d ago

ratchet & clank all 4 one will fulfill your online co-op needs :)

criticalkare2853d ago

This game is just keeps on getting better and better

Der_Kommandant2853d ago

I want a 32 players co-op campaign

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