Wii, DS on 'Slippery Slope' and 3DS Cannibalizing DS, says Analyst

Wii and DS sales have been down quite a bit (for both hardware and software) and it's becoming increasingly clear that Nintendo needs some new catalysts to spark sales. While Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter still believes Nintendo's holiday season is "not in trouble at all" and that Wii will be the best selling console, Jay Defibaugh of MF Global FXA Securities Ltd. in Tokyo has been less optimistic.

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postofficebuddy2766d ago

In regards to the DS sales decline, it's painfully clear that 3DS anticipation is dampening sales. Just look at what happened in September NPD, the DS actually decreased in average weekly sales despite the fact that it got a price cut that month.

donniebaseball2766d ago

Yeah, the 3DS is a factor, no doubt. As for Wii, I think it's a combination of so many people having already bought one and some people simply growing tired of Wii overall.

AgileNate2765d ago

I sold both over a year ago and would like to buy both back but now I would rather save the money for the 3DS. The price is what is slowing sales down, the price of the 3DS is a little steep so using it on the Wii and DS makes buying the 3DS impossible.