The Portable Podcast, Episode 56

On This Episode:

Carter speaks to Jakub Majewski and Tomasz Strezlczyk of Vivid Games about the upcoming Speedball 2: Evolution, discussing what they’re doing to modernize the game while keeping the game true to its roots, and how they’re handling development across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and PSN Minis.

Carter talks to Gavin Bowman, discussing not only Retro Dreamer’s new puzzle game Linkoidz, but also about the recent sale of Chillingo to EA.

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starven2697d ago

Well lookie there, something to listen to this afternoon.

notbob2697d ago

Casting pods into your face.

Crash551182697d ago

What a great title, Speedball 2: EVOLUTION, what does it evolve to? And even rounder ball? A Brick, A Sexy lady? I should listen to find out...