Exposing Your Kids to Gaming

Keri Honea - I’m a gamer (duh). I’m also a parent. My husband is also a gamer. We even named our son after a video game character. (His name is Gabriel Logan, and if you can name the game, kudos to you!) We gamed in front of Gabe a lot when he was an infant, but ever since he turned one and discovered the joys of TV, we’ve stopped gaming in front of him entirely. It may sound odd for a gamer parent to do, since wouldn’t we all want to get our kids interested our hobby?

Our answer (giant emphasis on our) is a resounding NO.

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starven2819d ago

Parents taking an active part regulating gaming with children...what a damn novel idea.

roblef2819d ago

I say get your kids gaming as soon as they can hold a controller. It's the future!

Crash551182819d ago

I am going to follow the super secret way to not having to introduce your children to gaming by not having kids! (shh it's my secret)

bgrundman2819d ago

I plan to introduce my kids to the classics while they are young. NES era all the way!

jeeves862819d ago

A lot of that article seems pretty selfish. Don't 'not' expose your kids to gaming because you don't like to share. If you don't like to share, then perhaps you shouldn't have had kids in the first place, mm?

Why don't they get the kid his own little game toys? That way when Mommy and Daddy sit down to game, he can feel like he can play too, instead of just being whisked off to another location? I can understand not playing 'violent' games in front of him, but not playing any at all?