Kirby's Epic Yarn review (

Yarn lens flare.

I’ve really struggled with how I should open this review, but I think the statement above offers the best summation of Kirby’s Epic Yarn short of something that reads like the opening of a press release. Coming from Good Feel, the same team that brought 2008’s Wario Land: Shake It, Epic Yarn continues the trend of Wii games that instead of being constrained by the inherent shortfalls of the system, use it as an opportunity to explore differing art styles and gameplay mechanics.

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starven2732d ago

I need to get this weekend.

roblef2732d ago

Looks like a heck of a good yarn. ;)

notbob2732d ago

I'm almost tempted to buy a Wii. Can I borrow anyone's?

Crash551182732d ago

I'd let you have mine... BUT I'M TOO BUSY PLAYING KIRBY!