Games Radar reviews Stuntman: Ignition : 7/10

Games radar has got one question - how patient are you? If the answer is "I've more patience than a hundred hospitals," (yes, we know, spelling police) then this is worth a look. If you've no patience at all, avoid it.

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alexander22rednaxela4123d ago

It is not a "bad score" technically, though it`s not worth the price on the package unless you really WANT IT NOW. I played the demo and the game is difficult mainly due to the fact that the car physics feel a bit wobbly, and the game is still a bit to hard for the average gamer, graphics and sound is not using much of the console engines.
Though it is very unique, and it is a one of a kind for(to some extent)
obvious reasons.

When basing a game`s gameplay on scripted movie sequences, it quickly becomes a developers road to linearity. ;)