Mario Galaxy 2 Sales Reach 5.1 Million

Nintendo may have hit a speed bump as Wii and DS sales have slowed, but one of the bright spots for the company over the last several months has been Super Mario Galaxy 2, which Nintendo said has now sold over 5.1 million units worldwide since it hit stores back in May (June in Europe).

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donniebaseball2732d ago

I'm getting the sense that people weren't quite as excited about the sequel, but over time perhaps it'll catch up in sales.

Tommykrem2732d ago

It's only a little more than 3 million copies away from Super Mario Galaxy, and released three years later. Wii titles are long burners.

AEtherbane2732d ago

Opening day 500,000 copies.
Opening year 5,000,000 copies.
Nintendo games typically sell HUGE numbers, but not immediately.

EvilTwin2732d ago

Yep, this.

That's why I never understand when ANY Wii game, whether it's first or third party, gets crap over not getting huge opening sales. They all have long burns (even games like MadWorld). The games don't open like Halo or COD or GTA because few games do, and almost no Wii games get huge advertising budgets to begin with.

interrergator2732d ago

ppl are gettin that shit for xmas thats gona shoot up sales

NYC_Gamer2732d ago

the fat plumber strikes back

DarkFantasy2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

i still haven't beaten this game i keep telling my self to go play it but i got a addicted to another game..for the 3rd time..Curse you Demons Souls! why are you so addicting!!,any way back to talking about galaxy 2 ...i like the game only one thing i don't like about this game is most of the time your upside down on a small planet* it kinda drives me crazy,lol reminds me of one of the reviews i seen on youtube(think it was wiiviewer) he was like "Keep a puke bag close by"Lmao! ..but yeah i love the game its fun and i will finish it soon! i still have to beat new super mario bros wii as well! :)

AJBACK2FRAG2732d ago

Sweet! Games like this have long legs...

eagle212732d ago

It will top 7 million by Christmas. Highest rated game still this year. :)

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