New Uncharted (Novel) Confirmed For Fall 2011

Kotaku: Who knows if we'll have an Uncharted 3 to play a year from now, but at least we can be certain that we'll have a new Nathan Drake adventure we can read. The first Uncharted novel hits next fall.

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calitax2768d ago

Sooooo....Uncharted 3 next Fall 2011....

young juice2768d ago

the next next uncharted should explore the lost ark of the covenant. venture into the money pit. fight some aliens or somethin.

Shmotz2768d ago

Well if it's close to the Resistance novel as far as decent reads go it should be worth.

velocitygamer2768d ago

I can read an Uncharted book before I go to sleep! Then while I'm sleeping, I'll be having a dream with explosions...and something to do with Sully's ass...

Quagmire2768d ago


me, ill be dreaming of Chloe's ass.

ironfist922768d ago

The graphics are gonna be amazing, running on the Imagination engine!

air12768d ago

a book! fvck a book! give me uncharted 3 no later then 2011! you hear that naughty dog!

air12768d ago

hhmmm? someone wants a book over the game??????????

or is someone following me that i made feel very little at some point?

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