Hands-on with Lair - It looks deliciously creamy

Sweeping gracefully down towards the water's surface and scaling towards the clouds feels not only spontaneous, but strangely empowering. This is all thanks to the deliciously creamy animations of the dragon itself, the overall feeling of driving the powerful beast - which has been accurately created - and the fluid control system.

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MK_Red3918d ago

Well, I gotta agree with them that the game is seriously immersive. Can't wait.

SimmoUK3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Awesome i've wanted this game for so long now, this should get approved because all the bad stuff does.

"LAIR is an impressive showcase of the power of the PS3 and the dynamics of commanding a dragon, which undoubtedly is the main draw of this action title, is as close to perfection as you could possibly imagine. "

This guy really liked it he loved the control's as well...

resistance1003918d ago

I don't care about the gameplay, im getting this purly because its looks amazing, plus the fact sixaxis controlls will work great with it

TheExecutive3918d ago

this game will compliment Warhawk perfectly! just using the controls on warhawk makes me want to play this game. Buying it on day one.

cool66113918d ago

Man i don't get it one reviewer comes out bashing the game and says the sis axix sucks but the other guy come out with all praising saying sis axix is the future Sony wake up there is a conspiracy set behind u by microsoft .......

SabreMan3918d ago

not a conspiracy just different so called industry experts having a different opinion, getting to grips with the actual six axis controls apparently takes some time for some but others pick it up instantly.
Every reviewer states it looks stunning but as i said tricky controls for some, instant precision for others

day one purchase for me