Konami Contacting Guy Cihi For Something Silent Hill 2 Related

HellDescent: According to Guy Cihi himself, the voice of James Sunderland in Silent Hill 2, Konami has contacted him after years of no contact for something Silent Hill 2 related. Guy suspects that this may be about a re-release, or something to do with the Silent Hill 2 movie.

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Cloudberry2792d ago

I hope it's a Silent Hill Collection in HD related...

Blacktric2791d ago

Or a spinoff/remake for 3DS maybe? Just like Resident Evil Revelations. But I'm hoping for a HD collection. I'd love to play SH 2-3-4 again in HD. Especially 2 gave me nightmares for a long time because of its mentally broken characters.

Red_Orange_Juice2791d ago

HD Collection, please please please

qface642791d ago

doubt it they wouldn't need the voice actor for that

FiftyFourPointTwo2792d ago

Silent Hill 2 Remake, now with Siren Blood Curse-level graphics. I'll buy it.

GLoRyKnoT2791d ago

<<<<gimme gimme gimme :)

Bloodshedder2791d ago

silent hill collection!!!!!!!!!!!

jeeves862791d ago

Here's hoping it's something good. Not so much SH movie related, because...well that's not 'as' fun as more games.

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The story is too old to be commented.