20° Launches New Used Video Game Store

Gamekicker launches new video game store for used xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS Video Games. The new store allows gamers to buy and sell used games at competitive prices directly on the site easily, quick and secure.

From The Site: Buying and selling used video games just got a whole lot simpler. So simple in-fact, that your mother or your little sister could do it. So, if your mother suddenly starts acting all flush or your little sister turns up with a wrist full of bling, go check your game collection, you could be missing a few. The new Gamekicker GameStore connects you to a network of video game buyers and sellers across an ever increasing number of gaming and retail websites. This means that we get to offer you the buyer, the most competitive used video game prices out there and you as a seller, the ability to get your used games in front of millions of gamers, increasing your chance of making that sale.

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