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Submitted by Pandamobile 1927d ago | news

Bobby Kotick Named one of the most Influential Men in 2010

AskMen: There are few people in the gaming industry who divide critics more than Activision Blizzard head honcho Bobby Kotick. On one hand, shareholders love his ability to generate revenue and maximize profits, while on the other hand, hardcore gamers detest his perceived arrogance and utter disregard for originality. It hardly helps matters that Kotick doesn’t sugarcoat his statements to the press. This brash 47-year-old CEO has openly admitted he has no interest in producing games that don't have the potential to be exploited year after year on every platform imaginable -- even if it comes at the expense of smaller and more creatively appealing titles. (Activision, Industry)

Pandamobile  +   1927d ago | Funny
Hitler was pretty influential too.
Tommykrem  +   1927d ago
Hitler was actually named Man of the year by Time Magazine. No joke.
Naturally, Bobby Kotick has a little while to go until he's on Hitler's level, but hey, he's getting there.
Redrum059  +   1927d ago
influential yes

he influences ppl to get pissed off and influences ppl not to buy his games.
CrzyFooL  +   1927d ago
You beat me to it. Yes, he was. So was Saddam.
Longrod_Von_Hugendon  +   1927d ago
No. Come on GTFOH.
nycredude  +   1927d ago

Every time this douche opens his mouth millions and millions of gamers collectively facepalm.
number47  +   1927d ago
then those same gamers rush out to buy the latest killstreak patch to his games.. for $60.00.
nycredude  +   1927d ago
Sad isn't it!
Dark_Vendetta  +   1927d ago
Pandamobile: Have a bubble for that comment :D
meganick  +   1927d ago
It's True
Bobby Kotick is influential. He influenced me to never again purchase Activision games brand new. Thanks Bobby.
jony_dols  +   1927d ago
41 Agrees and no disagrees. That must be a record!
Pandamobile  +   1927d ago
Great. You've jinxed it.
y0haN  +   1926d ago
And the godwin award goes to...
jack_burt0n  +   1927d ago
Kill IT!!!!!
Der_Kommandant  +   1927d ago
With fire!
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1927d ago
Then Burn the body snort the ashes and dance hard techno!
Antan  +   1927d ago
Influential for all the wrong reasons perhaps.
Shackdaddy836  +   1927d ago
He hasnt really influenced anyone...
Hes only trolled and pissed people off...

I hope he doesn't see this article cus his ego will get even bigger
y0haN  +   1925d ago
Bad influence is still influence :\.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1927d ago
I hate that smile.
Cloudberry  +   1927d ago
This says it all, lol.
"This brash 47-year-old CEO has openly admitted he has no interest in producing games that don't have the potential to be exploited year after year on every platform imaginable -- even if it comes at the expense of smaller and more creatively appealing titles."
visualb  +   1927d ago
he's against everything gamers want:

good fun quality experiences
treacherous_gamer  +   1927d ago
SKUD  +   1927d ago
RedDead  +   1927d ago
Those sick bloodshot eye's ... burn it!
Gamer_Z  +   1927d ago
like the devil
Tommykrem  +   1927d ago
If Kotick was talented he would make "I'm openly screwing you over" sound like "Here's a fresh original concept". Steve Jobs can do that, because Steve Job is talented. Kotick is as a matter of fact losing quite a few customers, because he doesn't how to mix a little sugar into some very strong tea without people noticing. He reminds a bit of Mark Zuckenberg, the creator of facebook. Only with a lot less originality and in slightly more need of an image building course.
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enkeixpress   1927d ago | Offensive
Gamer_Z  +   1927d ago
I have a name for Bobby Kotick but i just cant post it
theafroman  +   1927d ago
hey remember that day he started a flamewar with ea? i like the day
Call_me_Ishmael  +   1927d ago
he would be number 1 for the most 'dickheaded asshole milker of franchises' in
the history of the world
Genecalypse  +   1927d ago
Oh Bobby, mom would be so proud
DaBadGuy  +   1927d ago
Kotick's birthday is the same day as World Suicide Prevention Day.

Kind of ironic that I want to commit suicide everytime I see that smile.

I swear to god everytime he smiles somewhere in the world a child is murdered.
scar20  +   1927d ago
@Dabadguy so this explains all the killings going on in mexico dam you kotick.
Turbine27   1927d ago | Spam
Der_Kommandant  +   1927d ago
the power of christ compels you!
RyuDrinksTheDew  +   1927d ago
i hear he can speak Latin backwards, puke green stuff, and spin his head around.
Capdastaro  +   1927d ago

Related video
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ultramoot  +   1927d ago
I'm starting to get tired of all these Kotick-hate crap. If people hate him and Activision so much, you wouldn't see them sell 20 million copies of MW2 or have an overwhelmingly large pre-orders for Black Ops. Most of the people I've seen cry about how much they hate Activision, and yet they're the first in line to buy their games. Stop kidding yourselves.

If you hate them so much, stop buying their products. If you keep buying their products, stop whining about how much you hate them. Simple.
visualb  +   1927d ago
*barfs slightly in mouth and swallows back*

what I feel when I see his face =|
KillerPwned  +   1927d ago
I could see this man becoming someone just huge in the world today of media. Like big time yeah hes a ass but it gets you places in life believe it or not. Look at all the games to he has under his company hes a unstoppable force. I cant stand him but the man has got balls.
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MAJ0R  +   1927d ago
Influential =/= good

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