MLB.TV Fails Google TV and Online Viewers World Wide

It’s the Fall Classic. It only happens once a year. The best that baseball has to offer takes center stage. It’s the World Series. The San Francisco Giants hosted the Texas Rangers last night in Game 1 of the 2010 match up. If you wanted to watch it on MLB.TV, you were sorely disappointed.

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JimmyJames702582d ago

Anyone else have this problem?

JudoChinX2582d ago

Ick. I'm not huge into sports, but if that was one of your main motivations for Google TV, then I completely understand the frustration.

JimmyJames702582d ago

Sports was not a main motivation to get Google TV, but I saw a chink in the armor of Cable TV, and wanted to expose it. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

kube002582d ago

Thanks for screwing something up as important as the World Series

halleen2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

The armor of cable TV is pretty strong, don't underestimate that.

But if you want a solution to watch TV without cable, don't forget the good old antenna. With the conversion to digital broadcasts you can get super clear HD over the air, better than you'll get compressed through cable or sat.

And I'm pretty sure the World Series is broadcast. :) No need to subscribe to anything to get it. Same for Sunday Night Football.