Games Radar reviews Heavenly Sword

Quality over quantity is the vibe here and there's no doubt in our mind that Heavenly Sword is a winner and a work of art that will help shift tons of PS3s come September. When it's good, it's truly magnificent and some of the final stages will have anyone with a 42-inch high-definition TV foaming at the mouth. No battle-scene compares to Nariko's finale.

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MK_Red3951d ago

I have one major problem with this review: "Too much time spent with Kai"? There should be more time with Kai. Kai rocks!
Overall not a bad review.

HowarthsNJ3951d ago

after completing the game, all levels remain unlocked.

Certain levels will be fun to battle through again and again. Some will want to master the blade and other the bow.

Thursday3951d ago

I've already pre-ordered this game, it will most probably rock.

Rooted_Dust3951d ago

Your PedoBear Avatar scares me :_(

SimmoUK3951d ago

Good review again, there only complaint is it's short but they say quality over quantity here... 8 out of 10 seems fair it would of been a 9 if it was longer...

HydroBoy3951d ago

i think gamers should know a good game when they see one. im gonna get the game , thank goodness for Demos , i might not have to look at reviews no more

picker3323951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

hope the games story is good that is why i gonna buy it.
But the game style(Hack & Slash) Is not seem so fun to me...But hey that's me...Except for Gow & Dmc.

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The story is too old to be commented.