More Dynasty Warriors 7 Screenshots Revealed

In anticipation of Tecmo Koei Europe’s appearance at the London MCM expo this weekend, Electronic Theatre can bring you a second series of official screenshots taken from the forthcoming Dynasty Warriors 7. Set for release in Japan this coming March, Dynasty Warriors 7 is set to make good use of the unique capabilities of the PlayStation 3 console.

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kevco332822d ago

Me too. I'm ALL OVER this one.

Arvis_Jaggamar2821d ago

The screenshots do look awesome. But can anyone tell me what they're changing in 7? What's new about it that makes the release exciting?

I'm a casual fan of the series, I played 6: Empires, and that was cool, but it didn't really last for me. I should probably go back and pick it up again.


Andreas-Sword2821d ago

The screenshots looks good. Day 1 !
Here are more new Screenshots:

kevco332821d ago

They're not new. THat was the first batch!

scar202821d ago

Man dynasty warriors online and dynasty warriors 7 can't wait.

Dno2821d ago

Im so glad there are actually DW fans. Everyone always hates on one of my most played series.. BUBS to everyone above me!!!

Krimmson2821d ago

Don't forget those below you!
Been a huge fan of DW since 3 came out for the PS2!
And the new Fist of the North Star game? Combine my favorite anime series of all time with one of my favorite Hack 'n Slash titles and you get the Beat 'em Up I've been waiting for my whole life (Sorry GodHand, you're about to be replaced.).

Simon_Brezhnev2821d ago

You have great taste. Fist of the North Star is my favorite anime series of all time and DW is one of my favorite hack n slash.

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