N-Gage will 'build a new industry' for developers and publishers

Nokia talks up plans, pricing and November arrival of new games service.

Nokia says its revamped N-Gage service will become "the largest mobile gaming platform in the market by far" and create "a new industry" for developers and publishers at a press event in London this morning.

The service - which uses has a single focus on digital distribution, offers try before you buy options and is backed by a raft of industry partners (including EA, Capcom, I-Play and others) - is due for roll-out in November.

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Phantom_Lee3708d ago

N-Gage making a come back?

any takers?

KeiZka3707d ago

Me. If it is still a phone as well. Now, I just need a tetris for it...

Omegasyde3707d ago

So no I am sorry but Nokia should just stick to Phones. Perhaps they could get in the software aspect and actually create mobile games that can play on assorted phones.

They really need to drop the N-cage and compete with the I-phone instead of the Game boy.

castdreams3707d ago

Nokia "We are the market leader in handheld game systems. We have 40 million game systems which we tricked people into buying thinking they were phones, and we are proud of our attach rate of 0.0000125304 games per phone"

KeiZka3707d ago

Of that. If they were to say something akin to that, they'd probably be the most succesful mp3-player company ever, seeing that almost every modern cellphone has a player inmbedded. Still haven't seen a statement to hint towards that.

gEnKiE3707d ago

let it die......please...