IGN UK: Fable III Review

For all its now familiar faults, there’s still plenty of enjoyment to be had in this third iteration of the Fable franchise. More so than ever before it’s the game’s unrivalled charm and meticulously constructed world that makes the sprawl of Albion such a unique pleasure to explore. In many ways too it’s a more robust outing this time, with bolder quest design and a more focussed sense of purpose. It’s sad then that Lionhead’s slavish dedication to accessibility has been so detrimental to the series’ greatest strengths beyond the main story arc. Ruthless streamlining of combat, character progression and world interaction has largely removed any real incentive to dabble in Albion’s extra-curricular endeavours. And, sadly, that all-too-readily exposes Fable III's thoroughly charming, frequently enjoyable but overly simplistic RPG core.

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Odin7772734d ago

Is it better than Fable II? I might play it on my brother's xbox if it is.

T9X692734d ago

This game shits on Fable 2 in every way.

despair2734d ago

hope it comes to the PC soon, still not the game I wanted the original to be but something I won't mind playing.

WLPowell2734d ago ShowReplies(3)
W831Liquidsnake2734d ago

Hope to see the ign U.S review soon

despair2734d ago

its been up for a couple days now

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