Kinect Unboxed By GAME

The staff behind the @gamedigital twitter feed for GAME and have been busy unboxing a retail version of the Kinect sensor for xbox 360 complete with kinect adventures.

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Omega42822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

So GAME already has them in stock already!? I don't see why they just can't release it early instead of having to wait 11 days!!

"Many stores have recently acquired additional allocations of Kinect sensor for launch including GAME."

Thats good to hear I'm sure there were a load of people who thought they could just walk in and pick one up at least they are getting a better chance to get one at launch.

They said they are retail boxes and there are much more than just one in the picture, so these are obviously the ones they are selling to the public. The review kits have 6 games with them.

Bounkass2822d ago

Probably not in stock, just a single item or unboxing/reviewing etc.

NecrumSlavery2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

You're hopeless.

Anyway, on topic. It is odd they have them in stock early, MS Products are known to go missing often. Also MovieStop had Seven Samurai on Bluray for two weeks, but they wouldn't sell it to the release date.

Craptain_Steel2822d ago

Is this guy trolling or does he suffer from health problems?

All his posts either offend people, are irrational or severely optimistic, like in a bad way.

NoBUDI2822d ago

OMG! That dirty dirty troll! How dare he be optimistic? Ruining being a grinch for everybody! Bah humbug

niceguywii602822d ago

No it's not his health problems but the mental, social and emotional problems of the PS3 camp on N4G. Tracking and trolling 360 news when the 360 upsets you guys so is counterproductive.

WLPowell2821d ago

shut up and leave, you're not a gamer, this is news for gamers. not news for advertisement campaign fanboys
more your speed.

I don't think this will resonate well with Kinects "target audience" Look at this:

Kinect fanboys should be creaming their pants at this news!

darthv722822d ago

As if it is some grand event. You open box, take out contents and set it up. Tada!!

IGN did one and I watched it and what a waste of webwidth.

I am sure some love to see these but stop kidding yourselves. Get the real excitement doing it yourself, not watching someone else do it.

Go Rangers

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plb2822d ago

Wow, exhilarating article /s

jack_burt0n2822d ago

Wow kinect games are £40 in the uk, ppl have gotten used to wii prices thats not a good idea.

Casual games should be £24.99.

Simco8762822d ago

Why don't you plug it in and give us a review of it. Who cares about the stupid unboxing

awiseman2822d ago

Thats the PEGI equivelent of a Teen rating here by the esrb. I thought it was an E game?

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