PC vs. PS3 vs. Xbox 360: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 - graphics comparison

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is available today. There are three different versions. PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Which version looks best?

Check the story, you'll find the comparison screens in the gallery.

Hint: click into the picture (and afterwards "Bild in Originalgröße" on the bottom right) to get the full view.

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toaster2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

LOL this site fails so hard. One shot has the most motion blur possible on screen at a given time.

Another pointless comparison.. they'll be so much QQ in here, I hope Noah's Arc is in walking distance of my house.

xg-ei8ht2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I have no doubt the PC would look best as well all know.

But on screen PS3 & 360 do not look like that.

Look at the trophie being won, blurred and ghosting. I don't think so,lmao.

EPIC fail comparison

waterboy2762d ago

best not because of the reasons that people automatically say though

OpenGL2762d ago

Yeah, there's definitely something wrong with their PS3 screenshots. Some of them look alright, but others are just completely blurry in comparison to the PC and 360 versions.

ExplosionSauce2762d ago

When the HUD is somewhat ghosting, you know there's something odd about those screens, lol.

DelbertGrady2762d ago

The ones who don't buy it win.


Eh, pc should always win. This force unleashed does support motion blur, AA, and AF. Depending on yout video card u should be able to crank up the settings way past the in game settings. Direct x9 also. Current vid card doing dx11 so this is nothing graphics wise.

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