Call of Duty: Black Ops – First ever Unboxing Video

Gamersmint: A youtube user has sent us a link to a video which shows him unboxing his copy of Black Ops.

We asked him where he got it from and he said he acquired it from a retailer chain.

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Karooo2762d ago

I might buy it later, kz3 beta ftw

psb2762d ago

I would have played the game if I were him.

cyborg2762d ago

some actual gameplay footage of the game. Nov 9 can't come sooner

CernaML2762d ago

Unboxing videos are nothing but fetish videos...

Seriously... who cares?

Unbornkirkster192762d ago

I know your watching some idiot take a videogame out of a box and listen to him talk about all the stupid little trinkets inside. Sounds AWESOME.NOTTT!!!

Supman2762d ago

why does microsoft think they own call of duty IP?

TheBalloMan2762d ago

I know, they think they OWN anything game-related because the xbox had the unfair advantage of a full year's release before the ps3, and PC isn't as big as it used to be...
i'm just annoyed because anything good that happens to me gets taken away by microsoft lol

PRHB HYBRiiD2762d ago

M$ should had bought the cod ip with all the millions and millions they have thrown away with add-ons and publishing for kinect

XxDeathDoctorxX2762d ago

sony should of got the ip to cod when they was offered it and reason it sells on xbox more is bc xbox has no games they got what halo and gears and fable wow wow since ps3 stole mass effect 2 from them than bioshock also ps3 got dlc only on ps3 for bioshock i would name all of them but dont wanna make the xbots cry lol they say we get what we pay for yeah thats why u get rrod and red dot of death yes the new xbox gets the red dot of death go look it up on youtube and alot of the xbots will be on this after noon when they are out of school u will see them commenting later on cry xbots cry xbox has no games :-(

BX812762d ago

Please tell me you're still in school!

Jack-Pyro2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

And the award for biggest wall of text/retarded comment goes to *opens envelope to a drum-roll*


*applause erupts from the audience as they completely agree that your a total jackass*

Come Forth and Receive your Prize!

Jack-Pyro2762d ago

^ Awwww, The little fanboy is so delusional that he thinks because I called him out on his retarded comment and poor sentence structure, I'm an Xbox fanboy!

Your so stupid, it's almost cute ^.^

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The story is too old to be commented.