Epic Praises Unreal-powered BioShock's Success

Bioshock, developed by 2K Boston and 2K Australia (formerly known as Irrational), is currently the number one selling game in the UK marketplace, accounting for 58 per cent of all full-price game sales and becoming the second-fastest selling Xbox 360 title of all time – right behind Epic's own Gears of War.

"The folks at 2K Boston and 2K Australia have done a really fantastic job with this game," said Rein. "We like to think we set a high bar with our own games, but more importantly we give our licensees the opportunity to take what we've done and do something even better with it."

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MK_Red4073d ago

BioShock "becoming the second-fastest selling Xbox 360 title of all time" is the best news in months. Glad to see a superb new IP selling well.

Epic should be happy but I bet they envy BioShock's critical success.

Hugh Hefner4073d ago

I don't think they envy Bioshock's success... since Gears of War is still more popular and Bioshock was using Epic's Unreal engine.

Bolts4073d ago

Why would they envy Bioshock? Gears is superior in terms of graphics and offer a more well rounded package. After the hype is over and a critical mass reached, Bioshock will take a dive and become a renter while Gears is still selling thanks to it's multiplayer.

MK_Red4073d ago

I know Gears is well known and success full. I meant their score average. According to both GameRankings and MetaCritic, BioShock is the best 360 game so far and the 4th best game of all time. (Could've been number one if it wasn't for stupid GameSpot's low 9/10 score)

reaperxciv4073d ago

AAA title for the x360, no doubt...only crybaby fanboys & naysayers beg to disagree.

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techie4073d ago

What was Too Human's problem then?

SuperSaiyan44073d ago

The level of detail, the various colous and lighting and environments in Bioshock easily means it is a better looking game than gears.

Also imo Bioshock has far better single player story and gameplay and does something much better and does something new that other shooters have not implemented the way Bioshock has.

Amsterdaam4073d ago

I believe that is was the level of detail that got this game where it is, not necessarily the engine. They deserve credit for their engine, sure, but not credit for the success of this game.

ShiftyLookingCow4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

agreed Epic shouldn't be boasting themselves, lot of merit goes towards art direction, story and presentation then the simple graphics(Irrational themselves did the outstanding water effects).

USMChardcharger4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

well i agree somewhat. i think they were "real" about their praising of the Bioshock guys...but like i was implying on my post below(#5)...i think Mark took the distinct opportunity to say see...everything Silicon Knights said is not true.

look how he went on and on about their willingness to help their licensees and such.

USMChardcharger4073d ago

Anyone else get the hint hint that was given toward a certain situation know as Silicon Knights in Mark Reins statement there.

_insane_cobra4073d ago

Of course, that's obvious. However, Rein forgets that BioShock had to be delayed several times.

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