PSN!: Medal of Honor Review - Very disappointing

PSN! reviews Medal of Honor (2010) concluding that the game is one of the biggest dissapointment of the year.

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Al802849d ago

"One of the biggest disappointments of the year"?

And it gets a 7/10?

Bobbykotickrulesz2849d ago

Major Jack Hoff: PSN!'s review of Medal of Honor - "Very disappointing"

Spenok2848d ago

Lol couldnt have said it better. And personally i believe this game deserves at least an 8. Its actually an enjoyable title. And for an FPS it manages to tell a pretty good story. Better than any CoD thats for sure.

Prcko2849d ago

but sales are not like reviews!!!
gamers know what is good,and what isn't!!

Brewski0072849d ago

gamers know whats good an all , but reviews and media hype , MONTHS before the game is launched, is what actually makes people go out and buy a lackluster title.
The game might not be as good as hoped, but the marketing team in EA are one of the best out there... so yeah....sales are all that matter.

cyberwaffles2849d ago

and i have to say EA is doing a good job on the advertising department. despite how bad the game actually is, they sell it well on tv. anybody who isn't in the loop would think its the next big multiplayer extravaganza...that is until they buy it and play and realize they've been scammed.

calitax2849d ago

For a game called to be a response to Modern Warfare franchise, 7/10 it's really disappointing.

All depends on the expectations. I'm pretty sure that EA was looking for a AAA metascore.

7/10 is very good for Aliens vs. Predator, but it's an extremely bad performance for Medal of Honor.

cyberwaffles2849d ago

yeah, i was hoping for MOH to have been a AAA game too but it isn't. it doesn't surprise me too much anyways. the last MOH wasn't fascinating either and EA was dumb to think they can rekindle the modern war theme when its over-used in FPSs these days.

SpinalRemains1382849d ago

This game rocks! It's so much more reailistic than COD. The hit detection is spot on always, and guys die when you hit them. This game is getting ripped apart for a lame single player, and because it isn't COD. Well to be honest, I love it because it isn't COD. All COD is, is guys running in circles holding the fire button, or guys sitting in the corner killstreaking.

Its nice to actually have a multiplayer again without planes and choppers cutting you down. Players shoot one another. Yay! Perks are for losers!

madjedi2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

The single player campaign was lame really, i though the part where the whole mountain was swarming with taliban and your cover was slowly being blown apart was epic.

So since the whole world wasn't on the verge of annihilation, it wasn't dramatic enough or epic enough for some people.

Sorry i think moh's scenario is a little more reasonable in real life, than cod4 or mw2 is.

I think a majority of the people ripping it, either haven't played or are just flat out cod fanboys, you would think someone rereleased e.t. from the amount of flak it is getting.

The snipers can get nasty in some mp matches though, hell better than people running around maps like the flash knifing people left and right.

I wonder how many reviewers that tore apart moh, for not being original will have nothing but praise for black ops.

gypsygib2849d ago

SP has it very cool moments but a lot can be improved in terms of AI and hit animation.

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