Havok acquires Kore Virtual Machine | "can now offer fastest virtual machine for consoles"

The Emmy award winning technology company, Havok has acquired the Kore Virtual Machine (VM) product and technology.

With Havok Script, Havok can now offer its customers the fastest virtual machine for consoles on the market with the most fully featured toolset. Havok will be providing all future support, licensing and services for Havok Script and has a dedicated engineering team in place for on-going development.

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aviator1892608d ago

Physics is always good for games.

r0gueZA2608d ago

yip, could only mean even greater things to come using the already great Havok tech

hellsere2607d ago

Havok must be the most used engine. Most my collection uses Havok.

lzim2607d ago

Console + KVM, to run an operating system wasn't what I was expecting, but YAY.

hesido2607d ago

What they will be doing is providing a high-level language for general game logic and AI behaviour (LUA), this has little to do with physics. But this will be used in tandem with other products of theirs, like pathfinding and physics interfaces.