Kinect Arrives Tomorrow, But Will It Deliver?

360 Magazine: Kinect finally arrives in the office tomorrow. Can the software live up to the hardware’s promise? Let’s take a look…

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Serjikal_Strike2792d ago

have faith in kinect....i dont blame them....just look at the launch

rroded2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

at kinect

lets see if all the hype ms can buy can sell it...

Personally i say soccer moms are a lot smarter than that. Cept the ones who worship at the church of oprah tho most of those dont have the money ta spare. wut wit the kids n oprahs book club fee's.

edit above dont worry about the disagree fairy its jus another spineless faithful watching ms destroying whats left of their pride.

nix2792d ago

what if it doesn't get delivered tomorrow?

Killed4Less2792d ago

Maybe because you are full of sh!t? Like rroded and the rest of the last place brigade trolling every Kinect article. As they try and act all bad ass with their light bright waggle wand pretending the absolute CRAP launch titles it has are something to brag about and slam Kinect about. I mean Kung-Fu Rider getting straight 3/10's from most site, I think Kinect could have NO software and do better than that.. LMAO

Then you brag about having to buy the same game again in order to get Move support.

Now gamer should be the last place you get 360 news from. They are nothing but bias 360 haters in disguise. One trip through their faux "news" section of the 360 will make it clear to you.

Biggest2792d ago

Yet another sad Kinect supporter that would rather lie than face readily available facts. Resident Evil requires that you have the Gold Edition for Move support. The other games have free patches for Move support. If you had a PS3 you would be reminded of that fact every time you turn it on. It's on the ticker at the top of the screen. It's in the "What's New" area. It's in the Playstation Store. Think about what you're saying though. PS3 owners can buy Move support for current games. Kinect can't be used with any games other than those made only for it. I hope they make more than jumping dancing excersise games in that case.

number472792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

And to end Killed4less's rant.

Move works with Killzone3, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, Socom, Eyepet, Table Tennis.. and more. Move fans on this site are realistic, its just a controller. Unlike Kinect fans who are committed to thinking is minority report, and that joyride has changed their life. Its an add on. Much like the Sega Activator, or the power glove.. Thats literally it. And the hilarious fact is that its functionality is already done by Webcams. Kinect works with its -not even wii rip offs- games that don't seem to work when casuals film it at a best buy, but they work in closed/provided by rare situations of course.

I never thought I'd see the day that the hardcore 360 owner would go ape-sh5t over Joyride & Ricochet. I mean you're seeing it. Its actually happening. Microsoft has totally abandoned its core userbase to try to appeal to nintendo owners... its spending more than it cost to develop the 360 in the first place to do so, and will fail since it has no games that rhyme with Mario.

I'm proud of last place. It means you get AAA exclusive games & sequels that go beyond what the first has done. No 1.5 updates.., hardware that doesn't fail 1 out of 2 times, free online, multiplatform games as well, bluray, netflix, videochat, etc. First place means you're stuck with Nintendo's games. And your might second place is .. well... halo & kinect..

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units2792d ago

sony move lineup wasnt much better

plb2792d ago

Sadly I have to agree but Move has more potential and works better especially for core gamers

Raoh2792d ago

when you consider the move launch titles, kung fu rider, sports champions, raquet sports, lord of the rings and party something.. pretty much crapware, sports champions at least works as wii sports does a way to let you see what the tech can do

but sony's move also had patch move download for heavy rain, resident evil 5 and mag.. that's 3 hard core titles

WLPowell2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Heavy Rain, RUSE, MAG, RE5? It looks better than Kinects first year... oh wait 360 fanboys don't play games, they play sales and shovelware... silly me.

@ below: not as much as 360 fanboys. If a game sells 1 million we're pretty cool with it. 360 fanboys since the inception of Kinect has always been "how much it'll sell. Even if it doesn't work, it'll sell. Crap games? we don't care because it'll sell. Why didn't games like Alan Wake/Forza 3/ Splinter Cell:Conviction/Ninja Gaiden 2/etc sell? because it didn't have enough marketing!" Sales, sales, sales, marketing, marketing, marketing. (Has "quality" ever entered your realm of thinking? No because a 360 fanboy has no time for that. Stupid question. That's something GAMERS care about.)

No Xbox fanboys in Playstation comments?

Would you look at that!

Now you, GreenRing, Moonboots, Omega, etc. can go ahead and start logging into your other accounts and start disagreeing with me.

lowcarb2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

As we all expected the launch lineup is nothing to write home about. In time MS will lay out footage of core games that will more than likely be used in conjunction with a controller. Regardless of all the hate you guys spew Kinect is a game changer and the proof starts next week.

edit above wlpowell: Yet Sony fanboys always bring up sales talk. What's funny is why you guys are in Kinect threads to begin with. If your going to come here spreading FUD and talking trash 360 fans that are here for Kinect news have every right to talk about what they want to. You guys should ask yourself why you hardly ever see a 360 fan in PS3 news threads. Maybe it's because they don't care about it or have any intention on purchasing one.

NoBUDI2792d ago

Don't tell people here so because they will flame you and the rest of us that will like the review

AutoCad2792d ago

Why are people dissing the line-up.?
What games did PS3 have in its first year that where AAA games.?Resistance? cmon.Over time there will be games for this just like how the PS3 got.
Some people love to hate something they will never try out.

niceguywii602792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Wii has good games. Being concerned about certain topics garners more hits and the reviewer won't come off as a cheerleader to the people that hate kinect to no end. The one hour video shows a vast improvement and the way it played had my heart pumping with new excitement, when people experience the fun the people in the one hour video had reviews wont matter much only word of mouth. There will be alot of angry pro Sony media and fanboys doing all they can to stop this game changer. Not only will the Japanese loyal fans be upset that a Japanese console won't have the leading edge tech they will also be upset due to Kinect cementing the once proud king of consoles in third place. Nintendo and fanboys are teaming up in the fight this is why the hate is so wide spread. Of course both Nin and sony camps also have envious groups in them

visualb2792d ago

then again. one is a peripheral, another was a console

a little different, but very good point.

the line up is casual, because they want to attract the casuals mostly

makes sense.

DelbertGrady2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I was pretty impressed by the 1 hour special Gamespot showed. Looked much better than what has been shown before. Of course, I want to try it out myself before I form an opinion, but I think lots of people (outside of N4G) are anticipating it. Personally I'll hold on to my money until I've seen more upcoming titles.

Now flame me for not mindlessly hating on it. :)

@jack_burt0n - You might be right but it feels weird that a big site like Gamespot would do something like that. It looked pretty real to me. Some of the games lagged more than others etc. As I said before though, I want to try it myself before I form an opinion about wether it's good or not.

jack_burt0n2792d ago


Why was it all done in green screen?
Why was the screen with them playing super imposed?
Why were they under strict NDA instructions to not show parts of games?

There is far too much cloak and dagger.

Mcardle2792d ago

All I know is, this Lo Pan character comes out of thin air in the middle of a goddamn alley while his buddies are flying around on wires cutting everybody to shreds, and he just stands there waiting for me to drive my truck straight through him with *light* coming out of his mouth!

Zeevious2792d ago

I only go to Little China with a tour group from AAA.

Last time out tour guide, David, or Jack or something or other was great.

...And yeah, there was more show than substance at the presentation. Nothing pre-release impressed me, but then I'm not easily impressed.
I am however hoping to be surprised and impressed with the final retail product...just a few days from now!

So...Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

PandemicPrawn02792d ago

I was always interested in the tech and was hoping for the best, but most of my concerns have been placated because of that 1hr demo.

So hardware wise I believe that Kinect will deliver. On the software side however? I still need to be convinced in regards to the launch line up.

Your shape fitness and Dance Central will be the top of the pile as far as reviews go. (7’s & 8’s) Kinect sports, Adventures, Sonic Riders will settle somewhere in the middle (5 to 7), with stinkers like Fighters Uncaged, and Deca Sports just making up the numbers (2 – 5).

I’m looking forward to what the second wave of Kinect software has to offer.

Biggest2792d ago

I don't understand how a fitness game can be reviewed in the first 3-6 months. Isn't the point of a fitness game to get you fit? It won't happen in a few days. I promise you that.

Qui-Gon Jim2792d ago

In a way, i agree, but do i think you could review a fitness game without seeing the fitness results if you are a fitness expert. In other words, I wouldn't read gaming magazines or websites for reviews of the fitness games, i would look at the reviews from fitness magazines and websites.

awiseman2792d ago

Especially if its positive about connect. You WILL get bubbles taken for it. But if its bashing Kinect and praising Move than by all means post it so you can get popular.

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