Inazuma Eleven : Captain Tsubasa-like for NDS has just published some content and pictures of new Level-5's game for the Nintendo DS named Inazuma Eleven. explains that it will be a RPG/Football game and that players will enjoy a funny gameplay. Indeed, each characters of your team will have a different panoply of skills. The gameplay will also use the pencil of NDS, touching the screen to move or hit the ball. There'll be a "Command Battle" option during the match, letting us giving some blows to adversaries. announces that Level-5's game will also have some wifi options like "Versus Mode" and "Sharing Mode". Check out the different screens of Inazuma Eleven.

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cloud3604101d ago

The japanese hav a lot of weird good games

MK_Red4101d ago

So this is Level 5's footbal RPG. Cap Tsubasa is pretty popular there but wasn't expecting to see Level 5 make their DS game.