Eurogamer: Rock Band 3 Review

Eurogamer: "I'm just back from the cinema where I watched Somewhere, Sofia Coppola's latest it's-a-bit-like-Lost-In-Tr anslation-again-isn't-it take on the spiritually and often literally empty existence of a Hollywood star.

In the middle of the movie, a pivotal scene of bonding between the protagonist, Johnny Marco, and his 11-year-old daughter, whom he has long-neglected through his louche, bed-hopping ways, plays out over a session of Guitar Hero (briefly glimpsed in the trailer)."

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Jamegohanssj52674d ago

Blasphemy, Eurogamer doesn't hand out 10/10


zootang2674d ago

They are casual, they like party games. It explains the low scores on some great titles.

Bobbykotickrulesz2673d ago

I've never bought any guitar game.

But Rock Band 3 looks like THE game to buy.

ELite_Ghost2673d ago

rock band isn't just for guitar, the most fun you'll have is on the keyboard and especially drums :D

NecrumSlavery2673d ago

I personal can't stand the interface of RB. I always though it took more skill in GH, cause that was more of a guitar sim than a party game. But the Pro Mode looks awesome. I have been playihng Drums and Guitar for about 10 years now and am really excited to see how "REAL" Rock Band 3 can become. I alwys have loved thier selection of tunes. Now I want to see how the new instruments handle. Plus this week's G4 Feedback has about a 10 mins discussion of RB3. The guy said Rock Band 3 is the Uncharted 2 of the Music Genre. I apparently does everything right as it brings so much more to the table. So I am pretty happy to test out the outcome.

IHateYouFanboys2673d ago

@NecrumSlavery: "I always though it took more skill in GH, cause that was more of a guitar sim than a party game"

couldnt disagree more.

GH3 was incredibly easier than GH2, and every one since has been the same way. Neversoft opened up the timing window, giving you much more time in which to hit the right note than Harmonix did in GH1 and 2. RB is much less forgiving with its smaller timing windows. Guitar hero has always been the 'party' game, Rock Band was the better and more serious 'party' game.

im gonna pick up RB3 one of these days, but im trying to hold off until i can get the pro guitar. nowhere in australia has them in stock yet, and they dont even know when they will. and when they do, its $288 for a guitar!

Perjoss2673d ago

they gave uncharted 2 a 10, not so casual I think.

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Cyrus3652673d ago

Hmmm how many games got a 10/10 from eurogamer this year? Red Dead?

despair2673d ago

Super Street Fighter IV for one, not sure what else.

sa_nick2674d ago

It's a relative 10/10. You can't judge every gaming genre on the same merits. It's probably just that RB3 is the best RHYTHM game available and the game itself has very few flaws.

SIX2673d ago

This game lives and dies by it's song choice which is all about preference. For this reason, this game for me is not a 10. They have made huge improvements over all. I find the character creator much improved. The graphics look really solid as well. Not like graphics matter in a game like this, but yeah. If you like the song list then it's a must buy for sure. But this goes without saying I suppose.

goku323592673d ago

and i preety much love everything about it

2673d ago