Eurogamer Interview: Rare's New Boss Reveals His Vision

Eurogamer: "Scott Henson is from the famed original team of 20 that helped make Xbox what it is today. From Xbox Live to Xbox 360, Henson has had a hand in crafting some of the defining gaming experiences of the last 10 years. Now, he is crossing the pond and setting up shop as the new leader of famed developer Rare.

Here, in an interview with Eurogamer, Henson goes deep on his vision for the Kinect Sports creator, reveals his passion for Kameo (he's finished it four times) and discusses what all this means for Rare's loyal followers."

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Wizziokid2818d ago

"Kinect will be a key part of the studio's future"

and with that Rare sleep even deeper into failure

Cyrus3652818d ago

maybe it pulls them out, cause what they were doing before with 360 wasn't working.