The Dark Knight Rises: Will we get a video game?

News of The Dark Knight Rises, the third in Christopher Nolan's Batman movie series, has ignited hopes in fans across the globe that a video game won't be far behind.

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Wizziokid2761d ago

of course there will be a game.

Convas2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

But the question is, Do we need it? We already have a wildly successful non-movie "adaptation" of Batman. Batman Arkham (Asylum/City).

Is it possible to have TWO successful games based off of a series, when having one is practically impossible in most cases? (See Iron Man, Superman, and Spiderman [The Movie Games])

Baka-akaB2760d ago

of course we dont need it . But it will happens like with every movie of that magnitude .

Just dont expect an Arkham Asylum quality experience

NecrumSlavery2760d ago

as I said before. Wolverine the Game was turning out to be a really cool game until the company was forced to adapt it in the movie IP called XMEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. It became less than half the game it could of been. Movie games restrict creativity and it sickens me.

aCasualGamer2760d ago

Yes we will get a game, and it's called Batman: Arkham City.

MisterNiwa2760d ago

We have Batman Arkham Asylum/City we don't need no The Dark Knight.

Blaze9292760d ago

i hope not - movie games suck. I'd rather it be a game with no time constraints or a script they must stick to that might possibly suck.

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NYC_Gamer2761d ago

i wouldnt play it unless its made by rocksteady

HarryBarry2761d ago

Yeah, I think the big question that surrounds the movie game tie-in is who's going to be the team behind development. Would Rocksteady be willing to take on the The Dark Knight Rises game? The game will sell millions no matter what so it's a down to Warner to make the decision of actually making this a good game.

cmrbe2761d ago

Dark Knight is right up there with Terminator 2 for me personally.

seinfan2761d ago

Nolan is beast! And really, who expects the video game adaptation to be any good? Isn't the Chronicles of Riddick still the best game based off a movie? Kind of a low standard.

The Matrix2760d ago

King Kong holds that honor, actually.

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The story is too old to be commented.