Standalone 320GB PS3 System Available Soon

PS Hi Everyone! With all of the great new movies, music, TV shows, games and game demos being distributed over the PlayStation Network, it became clear that we needed to offer PlayStation 3’s with larger hard drives to store all of the media for our most active users. Back in August we announced the availability of a new 160GB PS3 system for $299.99 (MSRP) as well as a 320GB PS3 system bundled with a PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye and copy of Sports Champions for $399.99 (MSRP). Many of you asked if you can buy the 320GB PS3 system on its own and we’re very excited to announce that we will begin shipping the standalone 320GB systems today to your local retailers.

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FAGOL2819d ago

So the bundle has more value still. You can sell the move and 2 games for at least £80.

gaffyh2819d ago

Nice little deal though, gives people another option when shopping around.

darthv722819d ago

i can remember when new bundles for genesis or snes would come out with extra controllers and a different game or two games etc.

First genesis bundle was the unit, altered beast and two controllers. Then they made a core unit with no game and a single controller. Then they made a sonic bundle with sonic as the pack-in game.

Same for snes. It started with the unit and mario world and controllers. Then they made a core. Then they did the mario all-stars bundle.

Seems now instead of the games, these systems are increasing the hdd sizes. Going from 20 to 40 to 60 to 80 to 120 to 160 then 250 and now 320. WOW, thats allot of sku's.

360 has gone from 0 to 512mb to 4gb to 20 to 60 to 120 and finally 250. Wonder if MS will follow and release a 320 as well?

bananlol2819d ago

The reason they upgrade the hard drive is not to be nice but to put the cheapest hard drive possible into the console. A new 20 gb hard drive is shire to be more expensive then a 160 gb harddrive simply because nobody make them anymore.

zoks3102819d ago

Happy to see that they are offering the 320 at a cheaper price.

lightningsax2819d ago

I made mine a 320 about 3 years ago. Even then it was only $75 for the HDD. Haven't had to worry about storage space ever since.

Der_Kommandant2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I know!

Worst joke ever...

bananlol2819d ago

The four gb is flash memmory though. Still a damn shame not every 360 comes with a harddrive, would have fixed the limits dvd put on a game like gta4. Cant microsoft just put a sticker on the case that states needs a harddrive to work?

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