Wired: Power Gig: Rise of the Six-String review

In many other ways, Power Gig seems to be stuck in 2005. The software is so profoundly feature-deficient that I hardly know where to begin. You can only play with vocals, drums and guitar — no bass. There’s no online play. The graphics are ugly. The whole thing feels like a cheap Wii game into which Eric Clapton somehow got suckered into appearing.

Power Gig kicked off its marketing campaign with a video showing the company throwing guitar controllers into a volcano. I will refrain from further comment.

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DelbertGrady2848d ago

This studio will be shut down before next year. It ships with a real guitar. Imagine the production costs.

It's retarded really. Guitar Hero wasn't big because people wanted to learn how to play guitar. It was real because it made people feel as IF they were able to play guitar. I play guitar myself so I know what goes into learning how to play. It's a chore and it takes lots of time and dedication.