Rare: Look out – Kinect will be amazing

Studio boss Scott Henson says he’s amazed by how much Kinect offers consumers at launch.

The new manager of Microsoft owned UK developer Rare has told MCV that the progress made in Kinect game development over recent months points to an amazing future for the device as studios continue to discover new ways to implement the technology.

“Rare has actually developed quite a bit of experience in the time it has spent with Kinect but we’re only just scratching the surface of the innovation in that area,” studio manager Scott Henson told MCV.

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xYLeinen2854d ago

Rare better have something cooking up for Kinect because they have been releasing dumb statements this last 6 months and all they have done is ditch their own community and redone Microsoft's avatars.

gypsygib2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

To determine whether they believe their own statements is to question, would they say the same thing working for Nintendo or Sony as well. If no, then call BS, if yes then true