Q&A: Patapon 3 Director On Avoiding 'Needless Complexity' In Sequels

The next entry in eccentric Patapon series for the PlayStation Portable hopes to retain the franchise's casual appeal while adding new features to expand on its simple mechanics.

The Sony published Patapon series -- due out in early 2011 in the West -- allows players to control a squad of creatures using rhythm based commands. Well-timed inputs reward the player with bonuses, while incorrect ones confuse the player's troops and throw battles into disarray.

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TheLastGuardian2673d ago

I'm not liking the changes they made to the series. I miss the old battle cries. Patapon 1 was great and a new experience, Patapon 2 good but just too repetitive if you played the first one. I still haven't beaten it Patapon 2. I'm on the edge about buying this Patapon 3. They changed this game up so much, just look at the gameplay. This is not the Patapon I remember. I will wait for reviews and I might buy it if they cut down on the need to grind on the same levels over and over.

patapon2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

But this is ridiculous. I'm looking at the gameplay, and it works the same way... yet deeper. And of course it shouldn't be the patapon you remember... it's patapon 3... 3

As the official expert, I say this will be awesome