Nottingham City Centre: A Hub of Gaming Activity

Regulars here at Electronic Theatre will undoubtedly be aware of the videogaming celebrations currently taking place in Nottingham, commonly known as the GameCity festival. Now in its fifth year, the level of interest and respect for the event has spread far beyond the network of alleyways that lead to Nottingham city centre’s Old Market Square, and is attracting gamers from all of the country. With an impressive schedule of events currently underway and plenty still to come, the central hub of GameCity5 is bustling with activity.

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knifefight2849d ago

All I can think of is Robin Hood.

stuntman_mike2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

weird i just think of emile heskey??

dimebags2849d ago

I've lived in Nottingham all my life and I've been gaming for 22 years yet somehow I've managed to never hear of this.

By the way, don't come to Nottingham expecting to see Robin Hood. He's a myth. Haha. j/k Seriously though, there's these sighns all over the borders that read "Welcome to Robin Hood county". It's an embarrassment.

IrishYamato2849d ago

I would be proud to have such a heroic character based in my area. But, you're probably really sick of him by now.

kevco332848d ago

@dimebags - Head into the city centre today. You'll see a big white tent with a GameCity logo on it. That's a focal point for the GameCity festival.

stuntman_mike2848d ago


Robin Hood was nothing but a thief and a murderer.

IrishYamato2849d ago

Robin Hood reminds me of one thing.....Weetabix!

Nugundam00792848d ago

Before my family moved from to the states we used to live in Nottingham!

Knight-Nui2848d ago

It's disapointing. I was there yesterday and there's just a tent with a LEGO Universe demo running and another van with a copy of MySims Sky Heroes. There was a Crysis 2 demo, but the que was around 20 minutes long and I didn't bother.

kevco332848d ago

What about all the lectures and events? All the indie games and laser trap games? Seriously, go back today and get a schedule of events - it;s the last day today.