Wii becomes the leader of next generation

According to Nintendo Wii has overtaken Microsoft's Xbox 360 and is now the leader of next generation console world-wide sales.
Last week Wii reached 10.57M units sold, while Microsoft is 0.6M units behind with 10.51M sold.

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SofaKingReetodded3918d ago

leader of bargain bin console maybe.

nobody in their right mind defends the Wii as a next gen console.

Capt CHAOS3918d ago

But, the control mechanism is a great innovation (but just give me a standard controller instead anyday).

Rute3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Well, actually Wii is Nintendo's most expensive console up to date. Add that to the fact that the average price of Wii is higher than that of Xbox 360's at eBay and you'll understand that people buy Wii mainly because of the innovation, not price.

Wii is not next gen, it's current gen. Gamecube was Nintendo's last gen console.

ITR3918d ago

Nothing is next gen now.

Next gen will be Wii2, 360 2, and PS4

Everything else is just current tech now.

Kholinar3918d ago

"leader of bargain bin console maybe."

The Wii actually doesn't need discounts to sell. It's the rest of the consoles that are needing bargain pricing and add-ons to clear off the shelves.

I guess this just happens regardless. Say that a system has hardware problems and the answer is, "well, we've got more games." How do you play those while it's in the mail being repaired? Say that the system has no games and people say "wait til next year." That might be why the thing isn't selling, they're following your advice. Say that a system is massively outselling the others and "oh, it's last gen." It's still grabbing entertainment dollars that can't be recovered, and it's building a war chest for nintendo.

I'll admit the shortcomings of the wii. Not many games, certainly not as powerful. Still, it's a great overall experience with several games that I'm loving and many more to come.

And both it and the DS are kicking everyone else's tails in the pure dollars category at the mo. Saying that it's last gen doesn't change any of that. It only shows insecurity.

reaperxciv3918d ago

to the truth sony fanboy

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ItsDubC3918d ago

Let the flaming and trolling begin.

Maddens Raiders3918d ago

OK -- not flaming -- I just don't think the Wii is a legitimate Heavy-weight contender for the heart of the red-blooded gamer. Sorry Dub, but the Wii reminds me of a Richard Simmons act.

ItsDubC3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

You don't have to apologize to me Maddens. You're entitled to your opinion and as a fervent PS3 supporter, I'm not surprised about what your opinion of the Wii is and for feeling the need to state that opinion in this comment section given this news story's positive light on the Wii.

Agreed though, your posts were more trolling than flaming.

Maddens Raiders3918d ago

right. I'm sorry, but Wii - just go away.

reaperxciv3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Fanboys just can't accept the truth that the WII is kicking the arse of the most advanced game console in the world!

How silly!

How insecure!
Reality BITES!
Game on!

Shadow Flare3918d ago

It's just called next-gen because it was launched in the same time-frame as ps3 and 360, and it has a novel controller. It's built like a ps2 and should therefore only compete with the ps2 and the last-gen offerings.

Rute3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

What do you mean with "should compete"? Are you telling that people who consider purchasing PS3, 360 or Wii, should not choose the Wii?

Does this generation definition by horsepower also mean that NDS doesn't compete with PSP? Does that also mean that the Sega 32X upgrade made Sega Mega Drive change generation?

Rooftrellen3918d ago

What does it have in common with the PS2?

The Gamecube made the PS2 look more like the N64, and 1) no one said the PS2 wasn't agains the Xbox and GC, in spite of its inferior power, and 2) how can it be built like the PS2 when its stronger than the GC, which was stronger than the PS2?

codeazrael3918d ago

So WTF is this uninformed being talking about?

SpenserTracy3918d ago

Shipped, not sold! MS is playing with the numbers. If you go to a store and want a Wii you will have a hard time getting one, its always sold out. This does not apply to the 360.

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