Angry Birds Halloween reaches 1 million downloads without Chillingo

Angry Bird developers Rovio have announced that their revamped Halloween edition of the app game has already passed one million downloads in under a week.

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FriedGoat2850d ago

chillingo have nothing to do with angry birds. its click gamer.

FriedGoat2850d ago

My bad, i'm totally wrong.

TroyAndAbed2849d ago

I love Angry Birds! I find Cut The Rope to be more addicting though. When will they add new levels?

The_KELRaTH2849d ago

Depends whether it's now under the EA claws or ZeptoLab managed to stay independent like Rovio. If EA got it then likely the price will fly upwards too.

NexGen2849d ago

Yes. The Halloween version is $1.99 compared to the regular at $4.99.