Make it yourself, with Star Trek Online mission maker

With Champions Online having recently gone free-to-play, what can be done to give Cryptic’s other ailing MMO, Star Trek Online, a shot in the arm? The developers think that a dose of user-created content might be the thing, and so The Foundry will allow players to do just that.

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steve30x2765d ago

Ive played the trial of this game. Though I like it I dont think its worth paying a subscription for it. It feels and looks like older Star Trek games. I hope this goes free to play with micro transactions.

JackBNimble2765d ago

Well since cryptic adds weekly content I can't ever see the game going free.
I enjoy STO , but cryptic needs to get more creative and open the game up more or STO will surely fail.

DeeBee2763d ago

I recently downloaded and played the trial version and agree with Steve30x, I don't feel the game is worthy of the high subscription fees. It's sad to see most MMOs follow the "industry standard" fees ($15 per month), what could help them is if the reduced it to something more acceptable.

But then again it brings me to something that really bothers me about ST:O. They charge you $15 a month AND then they have paid DLC too!! IMO you can't have it both ways, either people pay you a monthly fee and all content (except for expansions) is free, or the game is free to play and you charge for DLC.