Resident Evil Revelations News Snippets--You can move and shoot now

Rely On Horror shares some snips of news about Resident Evil Revelations from the new ONM magazine that hit stands today including the ability to now move and shoot as well as some potential Majoras Mask-styled time events.

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EYEamNUMBER12819d ago

"You can move and shoot now"

*rubs eyes* hmmm *rubs eyes again* ....... HOLY CRAP LOL

jony_dols2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Wow, its not like any other 3rd person survival horror games were doing that 2 & a half years ago....

*turns on Dead Space*

Quagmire2819d ago

Dead Space runs circles around RE5, pun intended.

Leonesaurus2819d ago

It's not like a game 2 and a half years ago COMPLETELY ripped off every major horror source and made a game of it's own based on it. Over the shoulder horror (RE4 much?) Horror on a space ship (Event Horizon much) Zombies aka Necromorphs (Resident Evil much?) Man in a suit with mask (Every game out there much?)

By the way, Resident Evil Outbreak: Field #2 called, it wants its move and shoot back ---> Resident Evil: Revelations.... Oh, nvm!

Get lost Dead Space fanboy. You gys always come trolling outta no where on a Resident Evil forum and spread your bullshit.

Galaxia2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I know Resident Evil, a game with camera angles (Alone in the Dark), a big mansion (Sweet home or every horror movie ever) and Zombies (Romero films) is the measuring stick of originality isn't it. F*ck Dead Space for copying something right!

It's called inspiration.

jony_dols2819d ago

@ Leonesaurus. I've played every RE apart from Survivor on PSone.

See if your going to play that game (that Dead Space is a rip off of other games), then what about the original Resident Evil ripping the whole survival horror and haunted mansion concept from Alone in the Dark?

How about Mass Effect 2 being a rip off of Space Invaders?
The 2 of them involve flying a space ship and the whole purpose of the game is to save mankind from a murderous alien force.

But wait didn't RE5 'steal' a cover and buddy revival system from Gears of War....

Dead Space is what RE5 should have been.

guzman2819d ago

@Jony_dois: Actually the original Biohazard/RE was inspired by an old Famicom game called "Sweet Home". Everything from the mansion to the door opening load animations came from Sweet Home, so basically it's a case of Capcom ripping off itself. Furthermore, a cover system was implemented in RE4 for a chapter (the helicopter assault on Sadler's island base). How about next time do abit of research champ.

jony_dols2819d ago

Yawn. First game to use cover system that we see in most 3rd person shooters today, including RE4 & RE5 was a Namco game released on PS2 called kill.switch.

Are you saying that Shinji Mikami wasn't heavily influenced by Alone in the Dark when he created Resident Evil?

BkaY2819d ago

i know its a good game... but to us fans of "RE" series... it doesnt matter if there is run and gun or crawl and gun or whatever..

there are some games which you cant just pick up and start to play and enjoy every bit of it... some games are for fans, ppl who are following the series from very start...

i never had any probs with RE controls.... they suppose to be slow paced thts how it was in the first RE ...

i just dont understand that if controls are not same as COD or Geow... then that game isnt worth trying....

i loved every single RE game... loved RE4 and plat RE5...

but i must say one thing which is .... after playing RE5 ... its not survival horror anymore... its more like action ...


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TrevorPhillips2819d ago

Something Resident Evil 5 should've had...arghhh! :@

SpoonyRedMage2819d ago

That sounds pretty cool... Capcom is killing it on the 3DS!

TheMutator2819d ago

mehhhh capcom sucks , Dead SPace is the new Resident Evil

Leonesaurus2819d ago

Dude, you should be a comedian!!! XD

guzman2819d ago

Not according to sales it isn't. It almost flopped harder than Mirror's edge. While RE5 might have been a subpar RE game, it went on to sell 6 millions copies. It's going to take more than one decent game for Deadspace to topple RE.

criticalkare2819d ago

If they make this game move and shoot, then make RE6 move and shoot too :D

TheMutator2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

wowww great analogy

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