Worms: Open Warfare 2 - CVG Review scores 8/10

With its ill-advised jump to 3D for the last few PS2 games, the Worms series somehow managed to lose two of its most important selling points - accuracy and charm. Fans of the 2D incarnation can rejoice, as old-school wormage is back for good.

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MK_Red3917d ago

Good score. This is the first Worms game I really want to play after Worms World Party. Super Sheep's ready!

monoknacker3917d ago

now i really am tempted to buy a psp, i loved the first few worms games

iceice1233917d ago

World party for the dreamcast was the best.

Rooted_Dust3917d ago

Worms Armaggedon for PC was amazing. I'm on the verge of getting a PSP, but I'm waiting for something to push me over the edge. The line up of games for PSP is definitly getting better, hopefully we'll see the same thing happen for PS3 soon.