City Interactive pen CryENGINE 3 deal to "develop two new unannounced FPS games"

City Interactive today announced that it has licensed the state-of-the-art CryENGINE 3 from Crytek to develop two new, but unannounced FPS games for release over the next couple of years.

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dangert122734d ago

Hopefully there better then crysis and crysis 2 cause i'm not feeling them 2bh

nickjkl2734d ago

crysis 2 isnt even out how can you feel something you havent platyed

Kingdom Come2734d ago

Have you even played Crysis One? An if so, have you played it on high settings? The game was Beast, and how can you, "Feel" Crysis 2 when you've not played it and seen little gameplay from the campaign...?

Xfanboy2734d ago

Hopefully its not on console..

r0gueZA2734d ago

Crysis 2...not feeling, really!?

I think it looks like it could be a stunner.

dangert122734d ago

nah not really making it for me i mean there suits look cool and so does the physics etc but the game play and game sounds wearnt cutting it the bullets sound like there coming out of plastic tubes

hellsere2734d ago

Ghost Warrior is underated and these devs know what theyre doing, so using a good engine means good thing!!

Quagmire2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Great, just what the market needed...


would love to see another develope using this tech for an rpg or hack/slash game

Nihilism2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Innovation is dead.


How is making an observation on the lack of originality in a platform-non specific article trolling?


R_aVe_N2734d ago

But trolling lives forever!

Zinc2734d ago

Not to knock you down or anything, but have you come up with any new genre defining/redefining gameplay mechanics or story vehicles lately?

I tend to be sypathetic to much of what you post, but come on man, it's not like pulling a new genre out of your ass is every day fare.

It would be nice if more developers took more risks, but risks are risky; hence the riskiness of risk.

Plus, new ideas are a dime a dozen, but most are not worth a cent a peck

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