The one game that PlayStation Move needs, but doesn't yet have

Child Of Eden might be coming to PlayStation, but Move is support is yet to be confirmed. Even if it were, will Move be able to convey the same experience as Kinect?

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Omega42851d ago

I think the main reason it isn't happening is it would just be too time consuming and the game has already been delayed once. They would need to make 3 separate control schemes for one game. They can't just make it a PSEye game cause it uses a lot of 3D tracking like clapping and pulling your arm back so making it a Move game would require a whole new approach.

And theres no way it would give the same experience as without using a controller.

NoBUDI2851d ago

Everything kinect can. . .if that is true, it cannot be a time thing, it would be very simple to port since this game works with kinect

Bigpappy2851d ago

I think it will come to the move eventually. They are just too focused on getting it right on Kinect at the moment. Kinect presents a lot of challenges and especially with all the updates they keep adding.

captain-obvious2851d ago

I dont know what are you PPL talke about
this game already on the PS3 but i sont know if its a move game or not

kneon2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Well the PS Eye can do everything (except 3D) that Kinect can do

Kinect has better 3D tracking. With the PS Eye I expect the only way to detect 3D (without using Move) is to infer the relative position of body parts from the skeletal model and possibly from the relative sizes of body parts. But it will make more mistakes and be less accurate for the 3D positioning than Kinect.

anh_duong2851d ago

it will be coming to the ps3... it's a timed exclusive..

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Pillville2851d ago

"And theres no way it would give the same experience as without using a controller."

Thanks for summing up Kinect.

lightningsax2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Wait, why are we talking about any type of motion control as if it's the main reason why Child of Eden exists? Mizuguchi says right here (edit: Pedrami91 pointed this out below earlier, albeit without the source) that this game wasn't created with Kinect in mind - it wasn't the "lead platform."

Way further back in 2008, before the game was formally announced, James Mielke, special guest starring on The Oddcast, mentioned Project Eden by name. They wouldn't have been working with any 360/PS3 motion control schematics when they started the project.

It was marketed at E3 as a Kinect game due to a great subsidy by Microsoft, and it worked wonderfully if these comments are any indication. Guys, this is the sequel to Rez in all but name (Sega holds the rights to the title). The best gaming experience will be with a controller, just like in the original, as 1up pointed out months ago:

drtyepic2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

The article does not. It refers to the fact that Kinect was implemented long after development commenced. The article is a piece about Child Of Eden with regards to new motion control technology as platforms, not just about the game's existence, and the fact that PlayStation Move is yet to have a game that's as well suited to it as Child Of Eden to Kinect. Child Of Eden almost seems created bespoke for Kinect, despite the fact it was not.

I agree with you, in that the game will be great no matter how you play it. I just think it happens to be one title that's very much suited to the Kinect platform.

Redempteur2851d ago

a ray of light ( informations ) in a thread that is bond to good into controllers wars

bananlol2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

How do you know its suited for kinect? I believe jumping around would break the amazing immersion that rez created. When i play that game i basically get cut off from the rest of the world, that wouldnt be too great if one was standing up while doing that.

That said implementing move would just require them to change some lines of code and use one of the code packages the ICE team made, so if it makes sense in the context of the game im pretty shure it will have move support.

Edit: Its basically a shooting gallery on lsd so i think moves a given.

lightningsax2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )


In the second article I mentioned, the whole "It's gonna be awesome with Kinect" thing is addressed after a gameplay session with both: if you like a theme-park esque music video ride, it's for you, and it'll be fun. If you like one of my favorite games of all time, Rez, and having precise controls that do what you want them to do, use a controller.

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fr0sty2851d ago

pseye picks up clapping and can track your arms a LOT better than you think it can. Use the mesmerize demos for it and you'll see what I mean. the clap can be accomplished by not only it tracking your hands but listening to them. PSeye is a lot more capable than people give it credit for.

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pedrami912851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Strange, seeing as it's being listed for both the PS3 & 360 in several gaming websites.

Interesting tidbit: Kinect is not the lead platform.

NoBUDI2851d ago

You like how R.U.S.E is on PS3 and Xbox 360 but not on kinect even though it's on Move? Yeah, same thing only this time it's on kinect and not move. . .yet

pedrami912851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

But i still think it's going to work with the move, maybe not at first, but with a move patch later on.

Nicaragua2851d ago

theres no reason it cant be on move, if it works on a pad then it can work on move.

Kinect controls games games but movement in space across X, Y & Z axis, move can track movement in those axis - shouldnt be a problem at all.

Genecalypse2851d ago

I always assumed it would use both Move and Kinect, I dont mind using the controller, thats how it was in rez atleast

Quagmire2851d ago

Whilst I believe Kinect is a better suited experience for this game, not having Move integration is somewhat disturbing.

green2851d ago

According to some people on N4G who speak like they are actually game developers, the PSeye can do everything that Kinect can do. So it should not be a problem for Child of Eden not to have controller free support for the PS3 as well.

bananlol2851d ago

If its anything like rez controller free gaming would be a bad idea.

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